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    Story Template PRO (Extension for Unity)

    Story Template PRO
    This has now been integrated directly into Fantasy Grounds- it is no longer an extension!

    This GREATLY boosts the power of story templates within Fantasy Grounds Unity.
    It provides the following new powers:

    Table Callouts [a]
    • No longer contain annoying semicolons between column results

    Increased table column limit to 30
    • Super helpful given the rest of these new powers, especially column referencing

    Table Column Callouts [a|3]
    • Unchanged but still fully functional

    References <a>
    • Now work with a multitude of different types of table callouts

    Column Referencing #a|3#
    • Reference single columns of previously rolled table results

    Callout Custom Naming [:a:b]
    • Create custom reference names for table results you generate

    Callout Internal Rolling [:[a] [b]:c]
    • Roll on tables within tables

    Callout Internal Referencing [<a>]
    • Use table references to determine which tables to roll on

    Callout Internal Column Referencing [#a|3#]
    • Use internal column references to determine which table to roll on

    Hidden rolls (using “?”)
    • Hide rolled table results in the generated story

    Date Calls with formatting [Date:FORMAT] and [FGDate:FORMAT]
    • Insert dates into your stories based on either the computer clock or FGU calendar

    Cross-Template Referencing!!! (aka "passing parameters in") {:a:b} to call/store, {b}, and {#b|3#} to reference/retrieve
    • Use rolled results from one template, within other templates!

    Indefinite Article Processing: (A) or (a)
    • Tell your story template to use the appropriate article when generating (A/An or a/an)

    Intelligent Auto-Capitalization: (f)irst letter of result within table
    • Tell your story template to capitalize rolled results, if they begin a new sentence.

    Check out the youtube videos below, as seeing the features above helps to grasp how powerful they really are.
    Basically I have taken the awesome Fantasy Grounds Unity tool of Story Templates, and blown the roof right off them. The power these new magic tricks give you for story generation is unprecedented, so use it wisely.

    Video part 1: https://youtu.be/_OS5TyMzIvw *This is the NEW video tutorial made after integration into FG.
    Video part 2: https://youtu.be/N3_Y7odDGZI *I am currently working on a replacement video for in-game demonstrations of usage. This video is still the old one until then.

    And here is a smaller video touching on two features and how they can be used within FGU:
    Cross-Template References and Column References

    Here is a video explaining why the v1.1 extra recurse is so awesome:
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    v1.0: Release! (Nov 10 2020)

    v1.1: Added recursive function for cross-template references. This means if you embed a cross-template reference WITHIN a table's results, Story Template PRO will take one last glance to see if one popped up last minute, and resolve it if so. This might seem like something small, but it adds some REALLY cool functionality to the system. With this in place we can now store values that are drilled WAY down into nested tables as well, and recall them within any story template, even the current one! Also, I tidied up the code a bit. (Nov 12 2020)

    HERE's a video of why the extra recurse in v1.1 is so cool: https://youtu.be/Uq9iy3OOiR8

    v1.1.1: No need to re-download this one, the code is the same solid version from v1.1 with the added recurse, I just spent some time tidying up the comments within the code.
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    Do you have permission from SmiteWorks to have this on DriveThruRPG? You need their permission to have anything specifically for Fantasy Grounds outside of DMs Guild. I know it's the same platform (One Bookshelf) but SmiteWorks have stated in the past that their permission is only for DMs Guild.
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    Oh NOW I understand what a DM from another forum member was trying to say! I thought they were synonymous. in fact, when I tried to put it on DMs Guild I was directed by the website to put it on DTrpg instead, and it made it sound like it needed to be that way because they were the parent company. I only realized something was afoot when I couldn’t locate it on DMs Guild after uploading it!

    Bottom line: thanks for clearing this up for me! I have 0% issue with having it only on DMs Guild, as that’s what I was actually trying to do in the first place and got fooled into putting it on DTrpg first. It’s also good to know that they aren’t the same thing, as honestly that was a bit confusing! I’ll update all the links, posts, and uploads once I can get to my desktop computer this morning. Edit: done!

    But I also want to know: what do you think of it!?
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    I'm assuming that the answer is 'no' but does this work with FGC?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dax Doomslayer View Post
    I'm assuming that the answer is 'no' but does this work with FGC?
    Not *yet*

    I don’t think it’s too crazy to make it work for both, but off the top of my head there are definitely several lines of code that will not right now, as FGC and FGU need different values for < and > within the Lua so as not to interfere with their xml.

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    Here is another video of it in use, showing cross-template referencing and column referencing in action:


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    Easy buy... The possibilities are endless!
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    The videos are broken on youtube. The error ID slyNDLZHZ4B8yGiR is shown in the screen.
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    That was very likely due to youtube being down at that time.

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