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    Oh, wow. I wasn't aware of that! Thanks for the link, it was 15 pages of very interesting reading!

    If I am taking the good news out of it all- it's that I can talk about it

    I have been adding even sweeter functionality to STP in the lead up to it's implementation into the base game, and I have been writing with it's abilities extensively. It's intensely powerful. I'm writing turn-key procedurally-generated adventures over here with levels of detail ranging from the history of lands 1,000s of years ago down to the excessive dirt under an NPC's fingernails in the backroom of a seedy tavern, and everything in between. I can have a merchant with a rich family history, have a city with a street named after his great grandfather, and a cousin in the next kingdom over using that famous lineage to try and secure an ambassador position. Their last names can all match, and even a defining characteristic of their family line like a strong facial bone structure, or a myriad of other details. These details can be shared between templates and used at will.

    Oh, and I've added some grammatical filtering. Now your results can intelligently capitalize if they are the beginning of a sentence, and the story template can automatically fix indefinite articles for you if you wish, so the results flow as smooth as a David Attenborough narration.

    It's all very exciting, and I can't wait to make the next video to show what I am doing with it!

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    Is there a roadmap for when this is incorporated in FG? Or is it there, but is it FGU only (I'm still on FGC)?

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    There is no roadmap that we share. Our current priority is vision/lighting and community forge. This project is one of many projects on our list to look at for our ongoing plans.


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