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    Error when adding to initiative tracker

    So I'm getting an odd error when I try to drag NPCs to the initiave tracker.

    This is FG Classic
    I have Savage Worlds SWADE and 50 Fathoms Loaded.

    If I pick a npc from the NPC window and drag it into the init tracker a pop up appears:
    Script Error: [string ""]:1: attempt to index a nil value

    If I add the PCs it throws up that error per pc.

    Any thoughts?

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    I've rolled back the changes from today provided by the SW ruleset developer; and notified him of the issues.


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    I am getting a similar error in FGU. My logs are attached.

    I don't know if they are related but I got an error for each PC that I added to the Combat Tracker. I used an Encounter to drop the tokens on the map for the NPCs and got some errors for them as well. During combat I couldn't use the Combat Trackers functionality to remove the Shaken or Incapacitated statuses from NPCs or Players. I could use the PCs character sheets to fix the statuses but the NPCs were forced to use their automatic Spirit or Vigor rolls to remove the statuses.
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