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    If there is any testing possibility for this, I would happily volunteer to be a tester. I'm currently running Masks, starting the Kenya chapter soon, and I foolishly bought the old version of Masks for FG thinking it was the 7e version. Still I'd gladly pay again for the module for the luxury to be a tester before my campaign ends!

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    I bought the old version thinking it was the 7e one too, maybe a year ago or so. Once this gets released I'm hoping for the huge mega box of Orient Express!

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    It's looking really, really good. Any updates?

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    From @MadBeardMan on tweeter 28/03/21 : "I just need a couple of days on it...Very soon, I only have 1 thing in the way before I can commit the time".

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    And just to let you all know, it's now top of the list. I've cleared all my backlog. Expect to see next weekend, info that it's off to Fantasy Grounds! And then it'll be shared for testing.

    Rulesets - Mongoose Traveller 2E & (1e)
    Now on my list, continue building the RQ ruleset

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    This is great news.

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    Hi Folks,

    I've sat down in the last hour and made the definitive list, being very picky here, so here goes:

    Reference Manual
    Table of Contents - relink pages (due to linking method changing)
    Create PC's and include as importable characters
    Update links to use new links system (all chapters)
    On Dramatis Personae (all chapters) - add links to the NPCs
    Rebuild the Reference Manuals

    Chapter 2
    Page 114 - the image needs the background adding

    Chapter 4
    Add missing text from Page 299

    Chapter 5
    Check images - wrong backgrounds (old theme) on some

    Chapter 6
    Add missing text from Page 299

    Chapter 6
    Cat-Demon Adventure Add missing NPCs

    Appendix C
    Add links to story events

    Appendix D
    Add links to story events

    Create a button for the 'Maximum Screen' button that matches the theme buttons (image window)

    Create Thumbnails for each Chapter Module
    Re-Export the Chapter Modules
    Take a deep breath, then send to FG.

    And that's about it, It might seems like a lot, it's just dull repetitive work (the links and link updates), so I'll get it done next week and with a good bit of luck I'll be posting that it's gone to FG around this time next Saturday.

    Now sadly, my forum inbox was full here and I did a mad session of deleting all messages, seems I deleted those who offered to test this, if you're reading this and we messaged each other please get in touch again!

    Rulesets - Mongoose Traveller 2E & (1e)
    Now on my list, continue building the RQ ruleset

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