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    LF1M Mongoose Traveller 2E, Bi-Weekly, Saturdays 3pm CST/CDT

    FG Unity License: DM has full ultimate license, players just need a free account
    Game System: Mongoose Traveller 2E

    Time Zone: Central Time USA
    Day of week and time: Saturdays starting at 3:00pm
    If new game, planned start date: Session 0, Character Creation, 31 October 2020
    Planned Duration & Frequency: 3+ Hour session, every other week
    Term: Planning for long term, episodic style

    Text or Voice: Voice
    Voice software used: Discord

    Number of Players in game & needed: Have 3 players, want 1 more
    Character restrictions: Only playing human races to start

    Details of your scenario: Im aiming for an episodic style game rather than a traditional saga. Well run with a premade official adventure to get us started. Then, Ill use the two-week interim between sessions to come up with something based on the actions and circumstances of the party. I also want to sprinkle in some longer, multi-session adventures (both official and third-party).

    Caveat: Im NOT an experienced DM Ive only run about six sessions of D&D. The current players and I are all new to Traveller, and were relatively new to Fantasy Grounds. Please only respond if youre patient, and fine with a rocky start where we spend time learning the system, looking up the rules, looking up lore, etc. This might be a good game for players who are also looking to learn Traveller and FG.

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    I am interested. Though I do run my own d&d session on saturdays starting a 6pm central, so sometimes I might have to leave early if the session runs more then 3 hours long. I have several years of experience with FG, though none with traveller on FG.
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    Ultimate License Holder: Anyone can join my games, you only need the Demo.
    Timezone: US Eastern Standard Time (-4 UTC)
    Currently Running: 5E [D&D] - Homebrew - Saturday Nights, 6pm-10pm Central

    I am always looking for a group to join PM me

    The Alari Adventure's Guild come JOIN(Discord) us

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    I'm definitely interested if you still have a spot. I've played prior editions of Traveller, and I'm thinking it would be a nice change of pace to get back to the Imperium. I'm pretty laid back, so no worries about learning pains. And the schedule works for me. Let me know if there's a spot for me. Thanks.

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    Good evening. Do you still need another player?

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    Sorry Matt, we're all full now. If a post opens up I'll send you a message.

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