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    LF1M: Need one more for weekly homebrew 5E game. New players welcome.

    FG License: DM has full ultimate license, players just need a free account.
    Game System: D&D 5E

    Time Zone: Eastern US.
    Day of week and time: Wednesday at 6 PM Eastern.
    If new game, planned start date: Nov. 4th will be session zero for character creation and working out party background.
    Planned Duration & Frequency: 3-4 hours minimum, can go longer if everyone is up for it. Every Wednesday.
    Term: Planned long term if the party sticks together.

    Text or Voice: Voice primarily.
    Voice software used: Discord for voice and keeping up to date between sessions.
    Will this be recorded and/or live streamed? No.

    Roleplay & Combat mix: About 60% combat/questing and 40% roleplaying/world building.
    Number of Players in game & needed: 3 existing players, 1 who is somewhat new. We just need 1 more.
    Character starting level & equipment: Start at level 1. Minimal/basic equipment based on class and/or race. Extra gold will be provided for you to fill in the gaps as you see fit at session zero.
    Character restrictions: No evil PCs. Race/subclasses can come from Dungeon Master's Guide, Monster Manual, Mordenkainen's Tome of Foes, Player's Handbook, Sword Coast Adventurer's Guide, Volo's Guide to Monsters and Xanathar's Guide to Everything. If you wish to play a Gith, you will be unaware for your origins. (few, if any, are aware of life beyond the stars)

    Details of your scenario:

    We are moving a homebrew game we had on hold from Roll20 over to Fantasy Grounds. As such, none of us have any real experience with FG. So things will likely be a bit bumpy at the start. Rather than continue the story from where it was, we are rebooting everything from level 1. Of the three other players, only two are from the very start. The other has never set actually foot on the surface and will be experiencing much of what you do for the first time.

    PCs will start on the continent of Rinemere, a mid-to-high fantasy feudal realm that is itself one of five continents in the world of Arnn. While Rinemere has known strife and conflict throughout history, it is currently mostly at peace with almost all threats of war between its various city states little more than political posturing. Rinemere's neighbors across the Arnnian sea however may prove to be a different story.

    Of note to prospective magic users is that magic is mostly distrusted by the general populace and most towns and many civilized places have laws against using it openly. Arcane magic more so than divine. Even then officials are prone to look the other way when a mage uses his talents in their favor. This only reflects the general perspective of Rinemere itself and not the world or Arnn as a whole. Other lands may have vastly different thoughts on the matter.

    The PCs will start their adventure in a town shortly after finishing a week long job guarding a caravan from one of the major trade ports in the south. So even if they are not companions per se, they will have spent enough time to know each other a bit. Sessions zero will give you time to work out how well, if at all, any of you know each other.

    Where things go from there will largely be in the hands of the players and mostly limited only by their ingenuity and finances. From a gameplay perspective this simply means that I don't have a set course plotted for players. There may be rumors of an evil threat in the east, but if you go west you won't suddenly find that there is ALSO an evil threat there exactly like the one that should have been out east. I have a good amount of content planned out to fill in holes but I hope to work with the players to tell a story that is theirs and not just my story re-skinned with them in it.

    General tone: There will be blood. I'm not going to describe every wound you take in agonizing detail, but if you roll a 20 with your great-sword while fighting an unarmored goblin, heads are most likely going to literally roll. Demons and devils may or may not show up but they are certainly a reality in this world. (as well as their ideological counterparts) Language will be mild in game. I'd rather say "The goblin yells something insulting at you in his native tongue." rather than "The goblin tells you to go f*** yourself." Cursing at bad rolls is fine though. PCs can, and have, died. I try to keep the world fair (any rule that applies to you, applies to your enemies) And I do my best to challenge the party without putting them in constant danger. But I do feel that a sense of danger is what makes the game fun. If you know I am going to save you every time you do something stupid or get in over your head then you will most likely act with little regard to the safety of your character.

    Of note we will be using the optional fumble/crit roll table which can make combat a lot more lethal, unpredictable and (hopefully) fun. It will apply equally to the party and NPCs. Once the party hits level 3, the optional massive damage/system shock rules will be used. No other homebrew rules are planned, and if the ones in use don't pan out they will be removed if the party doesn't want to keep using them.

    Maturity is expected but I'm not going to gauge that solely by age. Any sorts of abuse or attacks against any of the other players, for any reason, will result in the removal of the offending party. This is not a place for real life politics, religious debate or prejudices. All are welcome so long as they play nice and respect their fellow players.

    I've only DM'd 5E a few dozen times so far. A mix of tabletop and Roll20. My overall D&D experience however goes back to the early 90's with the D&D Red Box then moving on to AD&D and AD&D 2E. I missed 3E and 4E due to Shadowrun taking over my PnP sessions.

    If you'd like to join, PM me and I'll invite you to the Discord so we can talk.

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    hey shadow. sent you a PM with my discord info. Hope to chat soon!

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    I have little exp with Dnd , but vast of Dnd up to 4.0 which I started playing PF. I'd be interested in learning a bit more of the story / world. I'm in CST.

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    We are expanding to 5 players and I am going through people in the order they replied. (both PM's and the posts here)

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    Pm sent

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    Also I should note that there will be no session zero, game will start on Wed. Nov. 4th as the other 4 players have already rolled up their characters.

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    full up yet?

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