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    Anyone know the best way to remove a player from the initiative order if they delay their turn and reinsert them where they want to be inserted?

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    I change there initiative number to reorg them.

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    1) "Player X" says they want to Delay
    2) You move onto next person in INIT
    3) Person takes actions
    4) Until "Player X" says they want to take the're turn or Its the <End of Round> goto step 2)
    5) If Not <End of Round> Then Change "Player X's" INIT to just before Current INIT and change Current INIT to Player X's INIT; "Player X" takes Actions; Goto Step 2
    6) <End of Round>

    If PlayerX hasn't taken their turn and its <End of Round> then they dont get the're turn. Use it or Lose it!
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    To help remember that someone is delaying (and to keep it in their mind) they push the next turn button and then I zero their initative.

    This way by the time the end of the round comes up they will be reminded to take their turn or keep delaying during the next round.

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    When the PC uses the free action “Delay” at the beginning of their turn they should advance the init order (click the “Next actor” button) so that any effects advance and any persistent damage is applied. If the GM determines that negative effects shouldn’t decrease, then they will have to be handled manually.

    If the PC doesn’t come back into the initiative by the time it comes back around to the PC then they keep their original initiative value and lose the previous rounds actions. So I don’t do anything with the PC initiative value when they delay. It’s up to the player to remember that a PC has delayed, keep an eye on the initiative tracker and to come back into the initiative order when they want.
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