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    Savage Ghostbusters! updated for SWADE

    Some of you may have found the PDFs for Savage Ghostbusters that are still available on the creators website. I have been teaching myself, with massive support and help from this community, to import information into FG to be exported as a module. I recently finished a playable set of modules for Savage Ghostbusters! They don't have the inline art added yet, so they aren't as pretty, however with the support of Doswelk and the gracious support and permission from the creator, Jordan "Greywolf" Pea****, I am releasing the files so everyone can enjoy them! They have been converted for use in SWADE but may need further tweaks. We can discuss it here in this thread. I imported them using Ikael's tools, thanks Ikael! They were built in Fantasy Grounds Classic and should work in Classic or Unity. Enjoy!

    26 Oct 2020 EDIT: GM Guide is updated to be inline with the PDF. A Case File and NPC has been added. Player's Guide punctuation errors fixed.
    20 Oct 2020 EDIT: Jordan "Greywolf" Pea**** is converting the PDFs for use in SWADE. I will be modifying the modules to match the info in the PDFs with just some slight differences in layout and game play mechanics for ease of use in Fantasy Grounds.
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    I have finished tweaking the Pregenerated Characters. Some came through it relatively unchanged, others have more modifications. Feedback would be greatly appreciated!

    The characters were built with a pool of 15 skill points available. There is 1 spirit animal, and 8 humans from various walks of life. There are backstories and helpful hints added to the Notes tab that I tried to keep as close to the original PDF, but because of changes made to SWADE from previous versions of Savage Worlds (i.e. no Charisma, no Guts skill, Streetwise is now an edge), there are differences.

    EDIT: 10/18/20 Previous tweak to bonuses for Suzi Quayle were improperly applied, they have been fixed.
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    Can't see where the attached files are, um, attached to be downloaded from ...

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    A reminder to all: You must be logged in to the Fantasy Grounds forums and it is best viewed on desktop mode to grab the files!

    Had an error with the bonuses granted by the Very Attractive edge for Suzi Quayle. The error has been fixed.

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    Running a free session during the free Hollerween Online Event.


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    The Distracting edge was realized to be redundant, and changes were made to the Cheerleading edge. Anytime I make changes I will remove the old .mod file and upload the most recent .mod file to the first post, and mention changes in a follow up post.

    If anyone sees anything they think should be changed, throw a post in this thread and lets discuss it! Any and all criticisms are welcome!

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    This Friday, October 16th, at 9pm Eastern (UTC -4) I am running a Savage Ghostbusters session on my Discord. Come help me test the setting!

    And then on Saturday, October 17th, at 8pm Eastern (UTC -4) I am running the same mission in the FREE Fantasy Grounds College Spooktober event! Register and signup on the FGC website:

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    Jordan "Greywolf" Pea**** is revising his PDF files to update the setting for SWADE. I will make changes to the module to reflect his update soon! You can get copies of his PDFs on his website:


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    The Player's Guide has been modified to reflect changes to the updated SWADE PDFs. Grab a fresh copy from the first post!

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    Fixed some hyperlinking errors in the Player's Guide. Thanks Doswelk for showing me how to fix those!

    Fixed some grammatical errors in the Archetypes backstories.
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