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    Starfinder Tile Sets - LOS DIY kit..

    This is a DIY kit to allow people that have purchased the tile PNG files from PAIZO to add LOS data, and convert them over to Fantasy Grounds Unity Tile Packs.
    NOTE: There are no tile PNG files included in this zip file.

    Products covered by this DIY kit..
    Starfinder - City Starter Set
    Starfinder - Space Station Starter set
    Starfinder - Space Station Emergency Exp.

    How to convert your PAIZO official PNG files into a tile pack:

    1) Download the "" file that is attached to this thread
    2) Unzip the Starfinder_Tiles zip file.
    3) Inside the Starfinder_Tiles zip file, navigate into the Tiles folder and select the subfolder containing the desired tile pack
    4) Copy all of the files from the PIAZO zip file from folder A and folder B into the folder with the desired subfolder
    NOTE: There should be 1 PNG file and 1 XML file with the same name inside of the folder
    5) Navigate down to the Starfinder_Tiles directory.
    6) Select both the Images directory and Definition.xml file, and right click
    7) In the context menu, select "Send To --> Compressed ZIP folder"
    8) Rename the zip file generated (usually to Starfinder_Tiles.mod (Make sure you change the file extension)
    9) Copy this mod file into Fantasy Grounds Unity/modules folder.

    You should now notice in your Assets under Images a package for "Starfinder Flip-Tiles"..

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