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    Zuilin's Speed (sorta) for 5E FGU

    Show Token Speed (sorta) as a Colored Underlay on the Map!

    Find it on the DM's guild here: https://www.dmsguild.com/product/333...rta-for-5E-FGU

    This extension simply shows the hovered-over token's speed as a square radius, faction-colored underlay. It's not intended to do anything else. Some players find this functionality helpful.

    Use it to:

    1. See how far a PC or NPC could do a standard speed move if unobstructed.

    2. See how far a PC or NPC could dash if unobstructed.

    Works as a nice companion to FGU token locking and GM approved movement. The radius is square (diagonals are considered the same as horizontal/vertical movement length) and does not take LOS walls or other obstructions into account. It's simply an indicator of speed as a square radius.

    Each player (or GM) may enable/disable the underlay as they see fit.


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