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    LOS range between tokens

    Is there a way in FGU to have two tokens or CT entries and determine programmatically (true/false) if they have line of sight of each other? If so, what are the functions I need to look up to do this calculation?

    Ideally I could have two CT nodes and get a range and LOS true/false flag. Or be pointed to the basically code building blocks I could use to write such a function myself.

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    No, there is no way to do this currently.

    With the image behaviors changing so rapidly, and vision/lighting to come right after release; we're not planning to write APIs for the new image behaviors in the short term. As it is, the data format has been evolving every couple of weeks. Once things settle down, we'll look at adding APIs for new image features.


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    When you say vision/lighting are you talking about respecting the individual "sight limitations" of each PC/NPC when it is the active CT entry? (highlighted on map shows what they see on map)

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    We haven't defined what exactly the vision/lighting will look like; or how it will be defined. That work comes after the full release.


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