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    Encounter Pins Not Saving on Map Images

    This problem has just appeared in my 5e campaign; when I place an encounter pin and then exit the campaign, they're no longer on that map the next time I load the campaign and load that map. It was working just a week ago for another map that's stored in the same campaign \Images folder. I run FGC as Administrator and I've checked the permissions for the \Images folder and this particular map file and I have full access. This problem is by no means a game breaker, as each of the rooms on the map are numbered on my DM master and I include those room numbers in the names of the encounters. It's just that this raises concerns that other aspects of the campaign may not save correctly, or may not in the future. the encounters I've recently created and recent NPCs I've added have both been saving correctly.
    https://trackeasy.fun/usps/ https://showbox.tools/
    I'm wondering if anyone else has experienced encounter pins not saving on a map?

    [Edit] Probably should have mentioned that I renamed my 5e.PAK and CoreRPG.PAK files and did an update to ensure I have the most recent.
    Darn - just noticed that masks and grids also aren't saving on this map image. Meanwhile another map from the same \Images folder for which I just set a mask and grid for, have been saved successfully. So it appears to be just this particular map image. Weird - this is the 1st time I've ever had this happened.
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    I haven't seen this issue before.

    Some questions:
    * Are you running FG Classic or FG Unity?
    * Is the image window from a module or a local campaign record?
    * Does it happen every time?
    * Can you walk through the exact steps that you followed?


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    What is the name of the campaign? What is the name of the image?
    By chance, do either of them have a double space in their names?

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    I’d look for double spaces in the image filename as the first step.
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    Also how big is the image?
    How was the image made?
    Is it a JGP or something else?
    By any chance have you had another image with the same name in the image directory for this campaign?
    If you start a fresh campaign and put the image in it can you save to it?
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