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    Which extension filled my skill tab?

    I've got four entries in my skill tab with an invalid link in the dragon. I don't have a clue which extension put them there. But I would like to report the invalid link. Any thoughts?


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    Start a new campaign and enable the extensions you were using one by one until you find it. Or disable the extensions one by one in your existing campaign until the additions go away (although that might not work since the stuff might hang around in the db.xml file).
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    Tried that, they didn't disappear, and didn't appear right away with a new PC. So there is a trigger needed somewhere. I'm hoping for someone to recognize the specific way of writing the entries. Will also delete the current entries and try to find when they appear.

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    Steps to find an issue with this:

    1) Create a brand new empty campaign (new PC that you know works or create one from scratch).
    2) Bring up each extension till you can duplicate problem.
    3) If you can't then the original campaign DB data has the problem. What caused it would need to be duplicated in the new campaign.
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    It's Mad Nomad's Character Sheet Tweaks.

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    Thanks. Now to find why the links don't work. Will contact him on Discord if needed.
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