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    New 5e Storm King's Thunder Campaign

    Want to get a group together to run Storm King's Thunder campaign ( on Fantasy Grounds via VC (Discord Video / Chat) - have already purchased the campaign and have FG Ultimate, so will be free to join. Will be running fortnightly on a set evening day (TBD) starting 8PM GMT (BST), so being located in the UK / EU or able to join at the time is required.

    Campaign Type: Episodic
    Campaign Length: On-going
    Game Frequency: Fortnightly
    Primary Language: English
    Camera Needed: Optional (preference is yes)
    Audio: Yes

    Player Experience Level: Beginner
    GM Experience Level: Medium
    GM Fantasy Grounds Knowledge: Low
    Roleplaying Level: Medium
    Combat Level: Medium
    Puzzle Level: Medium
    Mature Content (18+): Yes

    Starting Level: 3
    Ending Level: as long as the group wants!
    Character Restrictions: No restrictions
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    I'm interested

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    I'm interested. Have brief experinece with D&D 5e but a lot of previous experience with tabletop RPGs (have been playing GURPS and D&D for two decades). English is not my native language, but I am almost fluent. I m living in Czech republic
    Wednesday or Thursday evenings fortnightly woudl work for me probably the best. Already applied as a player in the calendar.
    Looking forward to hearing from you.

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    do you still have a slot available? What days do your sessions usually run?

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    If you're still recruiting for players, I'd love to join!

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    sounds interesting, im located in Denmark, i have played D&D for over 20 years, mainly 2E but for the last 3 years 5E with FG. If there's still an opening i have applied in your calendar link. hope to hear from you.

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    Good day. I live in US (Texas) and am available to play at 8pm European time. I would love to join if there is a spot open. Please let me know. Thanks, William.

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    Still got spots?
    I work a bi weekly shift. So, if the group can get together every other week, I would love to join.

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    I am interested in playing as well

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    If you are still looking for players, I am interested.

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