Hoi! U lookin for players? I'm lookin for games. This could could change our lives FOREVER. Or just be a sweet chill time to throw some dice n do epic fantastical **** together n maybe have a laugh or two in the process.

I'm Marcus, 34yo Aussie/ Swiss dude livin in Berlin.*(GMT + 2)

If the team is a snug fit, I'm open but SPECIFICALLY, I'm looking to get in on some of the following shorter 5E Campaigns:

Hoard of the Dragon Queen/ Rise of Tiamat

Any adventures from*Ghosts of Saltmarsh*or*Tales from the Yawning Portal.*

Why? Because I just can't commit to the longer 256 page campaigns on top of DM'ing in my spare time. And I want to tick off those boxes dammit.

Ideally bi-weekly (possibly weekly) and weekday evenings (saaaay between 7-11pm-ish)

2+ years player experience in 5e. Have survived the Storm Kings Thunder. Killed a bloodthirsty Gulthias tree. Got lost in the Jungles of Chult. Have been beaten and battered in several homebrew campaigns.

As a DM I'm keeping a watchful eye over some Adventurers seeking to reclaim the Forge of Spells and recover Durgeddin's ancient blades.

Outside of D&D I've also racked up a few years experience through Pathfinder (Rise of the Runelords/ Giantslayer), WHFRP, MouseGuard, Cyberpunk 2020 & RED.

Am Roll20 and Discord housetrained with adequate audio/video quality

My sense of humour is pretty dark BUT I generally fit it to what works within the group. I definitely enjoy a sprinkle of humour with my adventuring and if the situation is too tempting I can't resist poking fun at whatever messed up scenario we've landed in as a player but its generally a short quip n then straight back into character. lightens the mood and makes me feel less like I'm in a cult.

I'm super easygoing (no finger wagging or rule cross checking), play well with others (noobie or veterans) provided everyone can pass the spotlight around so that we all get what we want out of our characters. Jovial and usually enjoy my games with a beer/ whiskey/ rum in hand.*

If the scale were heavy roleplay on the left (talking to every shop keeper to buy items in character with successes based on my performance, clarifying where exactly where are sleeping, what we are eating etc) and heavy gamer dungeon crawl (min-max, roll dice, metagame combat team strategy, slay demons, grab loot, level up, win), I'd say I'm middle left.

I do get a massive kick out of a adrenaline fueled combat and do take a lot of time to put thought into my inventory/ skills but ultimately for me, D&D is more collaborative storytelling than Diablo. I will use every opportunity to do what I believe my character would even if its not the smart move.

I do tend to stick very closely to the rules for myself BUT my style is always "DM's ruling is the one that counts" so if you decide to handwave/ adjust something, I'll always just go with whatever doesn't disrupt the flow.

Generally speaking I tend to lean on the side of LG/NG. CG is a stretch but I have done it (I suck at being evil). I tend to avoid magic users like the Spellplague, that **** is very much not up my ally but am getting used to a Warlock. Rangers/ Barbarians/ Druid/ Fighter/ maaaaybe could do a Thief, got a pretty interesting Drow that could be of use in a nefarious team. combat style usually either a brawler/ tank or sniper/ long range with support buffs.*

If that all sounds like a match made in Faerun, **** yeh, lets chat. No issues if you're a bright eyed, bushy tailed millenial DM who grew up with a Twitch feed or if you're a battle hardened old timer who has fought their way out of Dragon's lairs before the bleeps and blongs of dial up internet with no more than their books, sheets, pencils and dice to turn to when the going got tough. I'd love to hear from you more than scouring the lists and being 33rd in line like I'm in the queue for a ****in nightclub.