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    FGU question

    Hi all,

    New to FGU, just had a quick question, one of our players is wondering how he can make a macro for Rage to just shove in the task bar at the bottom then when combat starts he can just drag it on over to the combat tracker and voila! Thanks for your help!

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    Depends on what instinct they have chosen.

    First I would create a spellcaster class in their actions tab of their character sheet called "Powers & Abilities" set its caster level to be equal to the character's level. Left click the "magnifying glass" icon to condense this section.

    After you create the effects listed below you can drag them to the hotbar, but I would just click on effects from the action window instead, it is faster and doesn't need updating whenever you level up.

    1. Create a new spell, name it Rage.

    2. Click the link "dragon" icon on the right of the spell, paste rage's traits into the trait section, add [[A]] to the casting section, paste rage's effect into the effect section. Push the padlock button and close the "spell".

    TIP: You can most easily grab the information from the abilities tab entry or from If you use easytool traits will have line breaks after each trait, hover over them and hit CTRL-J on your keyboard to remove the linebreaks.

    3. Change the "mode" at the bottom of the character sheet to "effect"

    4. Click on the magnifying glass icon to the left of the dragon link, right click on the rage entry, left click "add spell action" the arrow rightmost on the radial window, left click the "add Heal" cross. Repeat the same step but instead choose the "add effect" man and do so three times.

    5. Click on the magnifying glass next to the heal button, type to temp, targeting self, click the edit list circle with line, click the add item green plus icon, Set "Multi x Stat(Max)" to CL by left clicking it, Set "bonus" to 4

    TIP: The player will need to remember to update their caster level each time they level up, but it will update all abilities in that "spell list" that use the variable.

    6. Click on the magnifying glass next to the first effect button and enter the following effect.
    Rage; DMG: 2, melee; AC: -1; NOTE: Can't use concentrate without rage trait. Can seek.
    Then set duration to be "Fixed" 1, "Units" Min. Set "Targeting" to Self.

    7. For the second effect do as above, but with the following effect.
    Rage(agile); DMG: 1, melee; AC: -1; NOTE: Can't use concentrate without rage trait. Can seek.

    8. For the third effect do as above, but with the following effect.
    Rage; Cooldown

    Now, depending on what other instincts the character has you can duplicate the spell, change its name to something more appropriate and adjust the effect like like the one below I made for a Rage, Spirit (positive) barbarian level 10

    Rage(spirit); DMG: 7, negative, melee; DMGTYPE: ghost touch; AC: -1; RESIST: [CON]+3 negative, undead; NOTE: Can't use concentrate without rage trait. Can seek. Manually apply undead resistance.

    UndeadResistance; RESIST: [CON]+3 (duration 1 round, expenditure on next action, targeting self. The player uses this whenever they would be attacked by an undead creature as their traits aren't applied to attacks atm)

    You can also find premade effects to help you in the shaderaven module I will link below. However I recommend learning the effect code as it is very flexible and incredibly easy.

    PF2e Effects

    NPC Automation Fields

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    or you could just use ShadeRavens excellent Pathfinder 2: Drag and Drop Actions, Powers, and Spells module

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