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    Jen Page farewell

    It is with great sadness that I share the following news. Our amazing Jen Page is leaving us to pursue another opportunity. We wish her the absolute best and we will miss her dearly.

    She will be staying on in a part-time capacity after October 16 to help us with our newsletter and some of our weekly tasks. In the meantime, we have opened up a new job posting for a Marketing Specialist. Jen will be a tough act to follow, so you will need to bring your A-game.

    The link to the job posting is below:

    In the meantime, please share with Jen how much she will be missed.

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    Aaw, Jen. No. Sad news indeed.

    Good luck in your new job though, but do hang around here often.
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    Sorry to hear Jen. Thanks for all you’ve done and best of luck in your new endeavours.
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    I am sad to hear that; thanks for all your efforts, and good success in the new job

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    Good Day All
    Glad you joined their team and contributed to the expansion. Sorry to hear you are leaving, but happy you are pursuing your goals.

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    :///// im taken aback. Hopefully I will process this information well.

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    Sorry to see you go Jen. Good luck with your future endeavors.

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    Jen, thanks for keeping everything fresh & interesting. You'll definitely be a hard act for someone to follow.

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    I haven't been about the forums much in the last month or so and just saw this. Jen, thanks for all you did and all the best for your future.

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