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    Item Template XML Module Design Question

    I have created several modules that feature item templates that can be used in the Forge. I double checked my <istemplate type="number">1</istemplate> on each item and all feature this. I store item templates under a seperate tag labled <itemtemplate> whereas my regular items are stored under <equipmentdata> and magical items under <magicitemdata>. I checked out a module that uses item templates that does show up in the category list in the library and I don't see any differences between mine and theirs. Anyone have any suggestions?

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    Can you explain exactly what the issue is?
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    I write all of my modules using notepadd++. I loaded the module successfully in which I clicked on the Item Library button in FGC. I verified that my module is in the "Group" drop down menu in this library window. I then clicked on the Template button at the top of this window to open the available Item Templates that can be used with the forge. There I checked the group dropdown menu and to my horror none of my modules featuring item templates appear on the list. I clicked the all option and also found that none of the items I created in my module populate in template library. The next thing I checked was the Module Library window and selected the module in question. I created links that break down the various items into types. Clicking on where I stored the Item Template list I was able to verify that any of the items on that list are indeed labled as a template and work in forge, yet as before none of these show up to be viewed in the Item Library or Item Template Library. I hope I was able to explain decently. I am comparing one module where the Group dropdown menu in the Item Templates library does feature their module and I cannot seem to see any difference between our code specifically under the <itemtemplate> element.

    Edit: One difference I do see is that I name my item elements rather than number then id-000*. This can't matter...can it?

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    Also I popped onto Discord into the Module Creation channel. I had forgotten there was a channel for this. And again thank you for your response Trenloe

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