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    Starfinder - City Starter Set - DIY LOS Tiles for Unity

    I have lately been working on converting my Starfinder - City Starter Set tiles to use LOS inside of Fantasy Grounds Unity. I get a PDF/JPG version because I currently am subscribed to receive the Starfinder Playmats. While I cannot give you the actual JPGs of the City Tiles, I decided to make the LOS files free to download. So to use this tile set, follow these simple directions.

    1) From PAIZO, download the JPG version of the
    2) Download the attached file
    3) Unzip the file
    4) Unzip the file
    5) Inside the StarfinderFlip-Tiles folder there will be an A and B directory. Copy all the files in both directories (84 in all) to the SF_CityMapTiles/images file
    NOTE: There will be an XML file inside this directory for each of the StarfinderFlip-Tiles
    NOTE: All 84 files are being copied to one folder.
    6) In windows, select the Images and the definition.xml files inside of the SF_CityStarter folder.
    7) Right click and select Send To>Compressed ZIP folder
    8) Rename the ZIP file to SF_CityStarter.mod
    NOTE: we are removing the .zip extension from the end of the zip folder
    9) Place the file inside your UNITY/Modules folder

    At this point, you will have the following folder under your assets button under Images.. (Starfinder Flip-Tiles: City Starter Set)

    Added LOS info for A4.
    Removed LOS data outside the tile for A2

    UPDATE: This project is now OBE- Please refer to Starfinder Tile Sets - DIY LOS Tiles
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    Handy. Now I'm thinking about buying that set...

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