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  • D&D 3.5E

    88 38.10%
  • D&D 4E

    86 37.23%
  • Additional Settings for AD&D (Dark Sun, Spelljammer, Greyhawk, Dragonlance, etc.)

    117 50.65%
  • None of the above

    21 9.09%
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    Quote Originally Posted by eltrym View Post
    i'd love to be able to play through the old tsr adventures converted to 5e, lots of great adventures to be had(again) there.
    i am all for this as well!!!!

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    Especially more modules and Menzoberranzan!

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    Would love to see Dragonlance and Greyhawk for AD&D.

    If you do get those two please make sure to get the top notch converters for those products, they deserve a dedicated conversion.
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    Dark Sun, Dragonlance, Greyhawk, Planescape. AD&D2 settings & campaigns.

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    Down for anything AD&D 1e or 2e

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    I'm partial to Birthright.
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    I am hoping for the Players Options series of rule books for 2.5 to come along soon.

    For a campaign Al-Qadim with the accompanying Complete Sha-ir would be a very nice addition.
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    Personally I'd love for Gamma World to get a ruleset and some modules in the store. Any chance?
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    I would love any and all D&D 4th Edition material. I believe Fantasy Grounds' automation would fit 4e perfectly!
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    Quote Originally Posted by JohnD View Post
    Personally I'd love for Gamma World to get a ruleset and some modules in the store. Any chance?
    About the same chance of a two-headed mutant human with psychic powers!

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