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    Move Manoeuvres - Always Medium?


    just wondering whether anyone else is having this issue. When my players go through their Movement Manoeuvre rolls (through Combat Tracker), the Resolver always assumes a Medium difficulty manoeuvre, despite the appropriate Pace being selected which then shows you what the MM difficulty should be.

    Is this just a limitation of how MM checks were done under FG?
    Is this an issue in FGU (which I am using)?
    Is there something I need to turn on to get this to work correctly?

    Not a crisis since as GM I can easily view other columns and make the appropriate modification, but it shows as [MM] Movement MM - Medium Difficulty [Ag/Qu bonus +0] to the players who are concerned that it should be a Routine check (for 1.5 Jog, as an example).

    Thanks in advance for any help

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    I haven't played around with it a lot myself, but I think I recall Dakadin saying you would use the modifiers.

    Open that, then select the appropriate difficulty, and it should work.

    I tried it real quick, and it seems like this is what you are looking for (I clicked the Hard button).

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    Hi mikegraf,

    The difficulty will only apply to the Move roll on the Combat Tracker and not the MM roll since the pace would be for movement. I tested in both FGC and FGU and it worked in both for me. Is the Move roll not including the difficulty for you or is it just the MM roll?

    Sulimo's suggestion is how you would want to handle MM or skill rolls.


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    maybe a picture will better explain what is happening, and perhaps you can help solve my query.
    FGU MM Query.JPG

    From the set up below, the character (Mungo) wants to move 25' to attack the zombie.
    From my understanding of the ruleset and how this is implemented in FGU, the player needs to set their Pace (in this example, he choose x2 Run), which then determines the type of Move Manoeuvre check required (in this case, as per the screen shot, difficult required is "Easy").

    When they double click the Move dice, I expected (perhaps eroneously) that FGU would roll a MM check - Easy Difficulty, yet as you can see from the chat box (and what appeared in the Resolver), the check was set to Medium.

    Resolving this Move Manoeuvre check then affects their OB. Of course, resolving it against Hard is different to Easy on the table.
    FGU MM Query-2.JPG

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    Thank mikegraf. I was able to track down the issue. It works fine if the GM rolls but not if the player rolls. I will work on getting it fixed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dakadin View Post
    Thank mikegraf. I was able to track down the issue. It works fine if the GM rolls but not if the player rolls. I will work on getting it fixed.
    Thanks mate - really appreciate the quick response. Wonderful job on the RM set - still new to it, but loving the level of detail and interaction.

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    Oh nice catch mikegraf!
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    Quote Originally Posted by JohnD View Post
    Oh nice catch mikegraf!
    Yes, indeed!

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    This will be resolved in next weeks release.

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    Hi, just checking on whether this fix will ship soon?

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