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    You should be able to attach picture files; but you have to use the Go Advanced post option and use the Manage Attachments button/window.

    Any visual anomalies should be reported here, preferably with pictures, so that I can address them as I go. We did a big base theme update, and it's rippling changes through our various supported systems as we find things that were not completely visually defined in those systems previously.


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    Hi again Moon Wizard,
    Thanks for the message letting me know how to "manage attachments". I've uploaded a pair of images that show the problems I'm experiencing with the Story windows and the Asset previews. I am seeing this behavior with or without extensions loaded.

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    Those symbols in the Assets window are the new folder icons. It looks like the text color underneath needs to be updated though.

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    Hi Moon Wizard,
    I'm still seeing the issue with "Story" windows not displaying the window title.
    Also, I am running into errors when I try to use Drift Leech (i.e. NPC) special abilities. Not sure if it matters, but I'm working with the "We're No Heroes: Fly Free or Die" adventure path. I've attached a screen shot of the error that pops up.

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    If it helps with debugging, I'm having the same problem with displaying NPC special abilities. The error is the same as shown on the attached image by Ghostwheel above. I get the error when I try to view NPCs from the Alien Archive. I'm updated to the latest FG. The NPC i could see the error was Barathu and Dragonkin, but i suspect it happens to any NPC special ability.

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    Story window titles are the same/a very similar color to titlebox background

    I think I understand why I'm not seeing the title text for "Story" windows. It looks like the text color and background colors are the same. You can see this when viewing the Story window title with no highlighting versus with the text highlighted (see attached images). I hope this is helpful.
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    Thanks for the report. I'll get that updated with other theme fixes tomorrow.


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    Fly free or die ap4 error

    in fly free or die AP4. in the going going gone section, fly away home, there is a ship record for the PC ship, it's blank. Kind of hard to run a startship combat with no information on the ship it self.
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    Reported to the DLC developer.


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    Thanks for reporting this. I will take a look and get it fixed. [Good]
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