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    BigBad, I run a weekly ALIEN game. We are still doing cinematics, but I am very familiar with the game. I have never tried to dropping a "career" onto a player character sheet. However, from a rules perspective, it does not make sense to even do so. You drop "talents" and equipment. Your career determines which talents are available to choose from.

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    Thanks for this

    I want to run a game for some new players who are unfamiliar with the system.

    Most games have a class which can be dropped, I was not sure if it was a bug. It would be helpful for those players who do not know what talents are available for their class when it has been selected.

    Its just easier for new players

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    I highly recommend running the Chariot of the Gods cinematic first. It is a prefect length and complexity for an introduction to the game. It took us about 15 hours. Haley's Last Hope is even shorter and only lasts about six hours.

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