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    Thanks for all of your hard work. Here are a few more...

    1. [AGILITY -1] in the CT does not work when the player fires a weapon via the combat tab, but works when rolling from the main tab.
    2. The next actor button in the CT is supposed to shift the current turn to the next actor in order. I have three PCs with initiative values assigned in the CT. It works. I then added a new actor via the create item option in the radial menu. It does not have an initiative value. Now when I click next actor, the turn order jumps all over the place.
    3. The game sometimes reports stunts and sometimes does not. See image.

    ALIEN bug.JPG

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    I am expected the something to appear here (image), ideally the A and B lists, my pre-determined gear, etc. Am I missing a step?

    predefined gear.JPG

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    Thanks for the report, I will add them to the backlog and prioritize. Game reports stunts from skill checks but when pushed we use more generic term, should be OK.

    The CM careers are not having the pre-defined gear listed. The approach from the core book with picking two items and the pre-defined list in CM requires some coding to make it work, as I don't think you would like to select pre-defined gear. I will think how to make this convenient for the next release.
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    Hi, i got the core rulebook both in fgu and physical, and going thru the physical version i noticed there are weapon art missing in the fgu version ( for example the M56A2 smart gun, and the incinerator) is this by design or is it a bug?

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    Hi all, searched this thread & the forum in general and didn't notice this posted anywhere.

    When using the "block" reaction, you can only choose the effects from stunts - the first six isn't included. This means that the PC would have to roll two successes to choose one effect, and a single success does nothing.
    Example image:

    1. Cultist attacks - success with stunts. Everything works normal.
    2. PC blocks, standard success - no options to add effects.

    Clicking one of the reactions in the PC sheet results in the following:
    `[ERROR] Script execution error: [string "AlienRpg:scripts/manager_combat2.lua"]:257: attempt to index a nil value`

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    I will check the rules tomorrow and figure this out.
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    text and icons outside of boxes in character sheets

    Hi, there is some text and icons that are bleeding outside their boxes in the character sheets. Old campaign without any extension.Capture d'écran 2023-09-10 215258.png
    Capture d'écran 2023-09-10 215240.png
    Am I the only one to get this?

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    MOD: Moved post to bug report thread to help get more view for the developers.

    Recently there was some overhaul of the windows and frames to a more standardized way in the base system. Aliens may need some adjustment to this update. I am not the developer that worked on this project, but wanted to shed some light on why this may have some issues at this time.
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    I just pushed a hot fix for the Alien character sheet layout issues. Please run a new Check for Updates.


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    Thanks, it works nicely!

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