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    SW Block Player Edit Extension

    Hello! This is an Extension I made for myself a few months ago. What does it do? Well, it simply blocks players from editing almost all of their sheet. They can't add new items, they can't change their money, or how many bullets they have in their gun or change their skills at will.

    Why would anyone want that? Am I some kind of control maniac that doesn't let their players have free control of their characters?

    Throughout the years, I've ran for different people. Some of them were All Thumbs and did the unimaginable to their character sheets. I would often get to their characters and there would be duplicates of their skills, some times three copies of it. Sometimes they tried to delete those to fix it and would end up deleting the wrong one. I've ran games using Fantasy Grounds for people who had never played RPG in their lives, and having their sheets locked in place just for use worked very well for me, and I could actually use those again and again for different people playing that very same One Shot.

    Usage: Personally, I like to have my players join my server for a session 0, create their characters and after that I turn the extension on. When they level up, I made the changes myself, and that also means that from time to time I might have a little extra work to add them bullets manually when they reload or something. It has never been stressful to me compared to finding out after 10 sessions that a character's points don't sum up correctly.

    Note: By no means this extension intends to be bulletproof and block everything possible. You can still edit some fields, and create some items manually (but not drag and drop them into the sheet). Also, if players really try to, they'll find out ways to mess with their sheets and delete stuff. This is not supposed to save you from possible cheaters or whatever, this is only meant to save all thumbs players from themselves.
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    Pretty neat! I usually build the characters as Archetypes so I can add the Archetype to the campaign as needed. Lately I have been running one shots so it works great. I can just delete the character sheet and grab a fresh copy from the Archetype as needed.

    I will check this out!

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