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Thread: Dead Shot Edge

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    Dead Shot Edge

    How can i make a effect that double the damage for the dead shot edge?
    The syntax seems to know only +/-.

    Thanks for Help

    PS: if you take the edge, nothing happens. If you take quick or level headed, you have to do nothing else. The effects are implemented.

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    The problem is that it only applies to the first Athletics (throwing) or Shooting roll in the round. I don't think there is any way to automate this since FG doesn't track the success/failure state of a roll to be able to apply that to subsequent rolls made that round. You will have to right click the damage result in the chat and select the x2 option from the radial menu to have FG autocalc the right damage total, then drag that onto the CT an apply it rather than the original roll results.

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    Yes you can double the damage in this way. But it doesnt change the number of wounds or the result. It remains still 1 wound for example....
    And it says in the rule: "the FIRST Succesful Attack.

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    FG doesn't update the CT automatically when you double the damage. You have to drag and drop the doubled damage from chat onto the CT then apply it instead of the initial damage roll.

    As I said previously, FG doesn't track hit rolls in a round. There is nothing preventing a player from rolling more than 3 times for example even though the number of actions is capped at 3. That's why it can't be coded. It's up to the GM/player to determine if a particular attack is the first successful attack in a round.
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    Ok that is a practicable work arround.
    Thanks for the help. I didnt recognize to re drag the dooubled roll back in the combat tracker

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