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    Hunted shot and Flurry of blows

    I didn't want to necro the earlier thread where this was mentioned, but having spent some time puzzling out how to do this for one of my players I wanted to share. The steps for dealing with combining the damage for two strikes as outlined by Trenloe are as follows:

    1. Make attacks as normal - apply MAP (Multi Attack Penalties) as required.
    2. If both attacks hit, click the targeting cross-hairs on the modifier stack so that it's greyed out.
    3. Roll your first damage, this won't be applied as targeting is disabled at this point.
    4. Drag/drop the result of the damage roll to the modifier stack so that the total damage of the first roll is shown as a modifier and click the cross-hairs so that they aren't greyed out anymore.
    5. Roll the second damage.

    The problem I had that by rolling both the attacks first and not using targeting when rolling the damage meant that critical hits disappeared. The trick here for me was to SHIFT-doubleclick the damage entry to force a critical damage roll.

    So for this ranger with Hunted Shot and Hunter's Edge Precision rolling a crit and hit this would play out as follows (using effects from ShadeRaven's drag and drop module):
    1. Apply the effect Hunt Prey; Designated Target to the target
    2. Apply the effect Precision; IFT: CUSTOM (Hunt Prey); DMG: 1d8 precision; First Hit to the character
    3. Roll both attack rolls with targeting
    4. Turn off targeting via the icon on the modifier box.
    5. Roll damage for the first hit, using the shift modifier in case the first attack was a crit.
    6. Drag the damage to the modifier box.
    7. Turn on targeting via the icon on the modifier box.
    8. Roll the second damage roll. The precision damage for Hunter's Edge will be applied to this roll and the extra damage from the first roll on top of that.

    I would actually recommend always following this procedure when using Hunted Shot and Flurry as Blows as rolling the second attack roll makes a critical on the first roll disappear as far as I can tell.

    I hope this helps for anyone looking in the future.
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    I might be wrong here but if you use "Precision; IFT: CUSTOM (Hunt Prey); DMG: 1d8 precision; First Hit" won't it roll 1d8 additional damage on all hits? Or am i missing something?
    I work with an effect that just adds 1d8 precision damage to the next damage roll trusting players to apply it when applicable as I was unable to find how it works.

    Warm regards

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    This effect came straight from ShadeRaven's drag'n'drop module and it does have target self and expend on next action same as you have.

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