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    Is it Psychomagnatheric or Psychomagnotheric? I noticed the PMT Slime Tank has Psychomagnotheric, but it's psychomagnatheric everywhere else... or at last that I've read so far.

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    Yes to both, depending on the fan site one browses on the internet. I thought I changed them to all the same spelling. You might want to grab the most recent copy of the Player's Guide. It's now been updated to SWADE by the original creator so I believe it is a better conversion to SWADE than the one I originally posted. It can be found in the #1 post in this thread. The creator is working on updating the GM Guide to SWADE and there is some talk about an expanded Case Files module and more equipment. If you would like to try the setting as a player, I am running a free session in the upcoming Savage Worlds Official Event Hollerween Friday Oct 30th at 8pm Mountain (UTC -6).

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    GM Guide has been updated with wording to keep it inline with the PDF. A new Case File and accompanying NPC has been added. Attachment on post #1 have been updated. Stay tuned for more updates to the GM Guide. I just wanted to get it released in time for any sessions on or around Halloween.

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    Realized the import tools have been dropping ampersands, so I replaced them with the word "and". Grab fresh copies of the two guide books in post #1, and pay your respects to the lost &s out there without a home...

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    I won't be able to make it this Friday, but thank you for the invite. I've not actually played the Savage World system yet, so I am open for other playtests you may hold in the future. I've read a lot of the rules, just not actually played it. I'm very interested in learning the system.

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    I run a Savage Friday session every Friday at 9pm Eastern (currently UTC -4, but that changes in about week to UTC -5). This week it will be during the Hollerween event but then it will be back to hosting it on my Discord. Jump into my Discord server, The Barking Spider. I always advertise there for games regardless of where they might be hosted.

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