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    How do I...? ::: Powers

    OK, I should already know this but...

    I'm experimenting with building a Supers campaign (first time with SW for either FG or otherwise). How do I build Powers for NPCs? I dragged the power over to the NPC, in this case it was Ranged Attack. It comes with a base 2d6 damage + 1d6 per level. My bad guy has 3 levels so 4d6 total. I tried dragging 4d6 into the damage field but it wouldn't "stick". How do I change that field to a fixed 4d6 in the Powers section? Do I have to manually create a sub-power for it (in which case I basically build it from scratch each time)?

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    Can't double check, but I beleive you can like with combat customize an individual power. Right click on left side of power and should be on radial I think.

    Failing that combat powers can always be created on combat tab as well.
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    Right click doesn't give you an option for just changing the base power. Adding a "blank" power is of course the direct way but I was hoping to do a drop-and-drag-and-modify... I've got a lot of NPCs to build...

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    Do you already have the NPCs in a text file or PDF? If so you can grab the NPC Maker extension, copy the text for the NPC, and hit the 'Make NPC' button on the NPCs window. Just like that you have an NPC.

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    I do but it doesn't copy super-powers.

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    What version of Fantasy Grounds are you using, Classic or Unity?

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    Classic... I used the NPC Maker, it was good except for Powers. I dragged an dropped the appropriate Powers. They stuck but they are immutable. I can't change the values to a fixed value (it is set on the PP/level formulas but there's no way to affix the level).

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    Just tried it with an NPC from another source (in case format was an issue) but same thing: no powers transferred (they do show in the text body though on the Main tab), can drop-and-drag, can't modify...

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    Ah yes, now I understand what the issue is! Click and drag the power from the POWERS window and drop right back into the POWERS window. It will make a copy you can edit and then drag and drop onto your NPC, or drag and drop and then edit.

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    Yep, that's what I was going to do but, boy, it would be so much easier to just drop a Power in and then modify it directly in the character sheet (so I don't have upteen-hundred Power variations)... Other rulesets do that for spells and such (5e, Pathfinder, etc) and I thought SW did, but maybe I was confused (or maybe it it did and at some point it changed)...

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