Hey Everyone! Another Herald's Guild DM Opportunity
If you want to get involved with DM-ing for the Herald's Guild (the folks who did D&D Live and D&D Celebration), they're recruiting DMs for Metaverse. This is a good way to get involed with them so that you can start being asked to their more exclusive DM opportunities in the future. And also to help increase Fantasy Grounds's Presence at these events

Info from HG Admin below
"We are happy to partner with ReedPop to bring D&D to Metaverse 2020 (New York Comic Con and MCM Comic Con). October 8th to 11th. Ten slots of gaming goodness. Brand new events like DDAL 10-01 The Frozen North and DDEP 10-00 The Great Knucklehead Rally fresh from D&D Celebration. MOON 11 and 13 trilogies running for the first time since they premiered for Tier 2 and 3 players.

We will have updates on registration later this week/weekend (Intro events are free for everybody but Epics and T2/T3 events will have a price tag) but we are starting to gather our forces of awesome DM's to make this all possible. Interested in helping or just seeing the schedule? Click below my friends.