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    I will third (?) the request for CoC themed art packs! Sounds like you are already all over it. Any insight into timeline for availability? Thanks!

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    I finally am getting comfortable making / editing maps in FGU so i looked at this art pack sub...seems good to me, thanks for the yearly sub option i generally dont like month to month .

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    Quote Originally Posted by jwatmough View Post
    I am in the process of creating an art pack/theme request thread here on the forums that everyone may use to submit ideas and a sort of 'wish list' of upcoming products. Once completed, I will post a link here. I want to make sure that the art packages I produce are what you all want to see and use.
    Hi Josh, can you also add a features request for the drawing side of FGU - there are some areas where it really is in need of some changes. For example no snap to grid, painting layers are un-editable except with undo and the eraser. Having the paths for those lines, squares and circles be editable just like the LOS are editable. Drawing a rectangle has rounded corners, and if use the paint brush with an asset, it should detect and close the polygon when you double click, and that is variable or sometimes not present.

    Obviously the art side is not as important as getting dynamic lighting and other bug fixes done, but it is a big selling feature.

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    I'd like to put in a request for a wild west pack, with the recent release of Deadlands A lot of landscape features are usable from other packs but a few more desert tiles and a lot of wooden walls, boardwalks and maybe some wooden buildings and building decorations would be very useful.

    Cheers, Hywel Phillips

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    I think it would be useful to have some sci-fi and modern interiors.

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    Space opera type tiles but also something along the Shadowrun style. I've been running a Bladerunner game using Genesys and this would be useful.

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    This month's art pack subscription items have been added to the subscription.

    Interior Map Pack 2
    Underwater Map Pack
    Western Theme

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    Quote Originally Posted by ddavison View Post
    This month's art pack subscription items have been added to the subscription.

    Interior Map Pack 2
    Underwater Map Pack
    Western Theme
    Excellent, with Interior Map Pack 2 that only leaves lighting for my evil plans for FG CON 16 to come to fruition! MUHAHHAHHA... (cough) ... I mean...

    Glad to hear it -_-

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    Quote Originally Posted by Game Maven View Post
    I will second a push for 1920's - 1930's packs and a new theme for Call of Cthulhu -- Due to covid I'm transitioning to FG for gaming - and need more options!

    I would also like pulp, 1920's-1930's theme.

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    With all these art packs it would be informational if on the image there was an indication of the total amount of data (KB/MB) that will be sent over to the clients.

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