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    Yes, just go to the FGU Art Pack Subscription landing page and it will list everything that is included up to that point.

    As time goes on, the page layout will likely change to show a breakdown by month.

    Go to Store > Art Subscription on the main site.

    We swapped the Winter Theme in for December instead of the Wizard's Desk theme.

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    The wizards desk theme is being released in January. It was replaced with the winter theme for December. Changes like this may occur from time to time but I will post an updated released and upcoming releases schedule as well as start a request thread for products you all may wish to see released in the future. Thanks so much for your interest and support!


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    I look forward to the Wizard's Desk theme. The Winter and Gothic themes were most wonderful and athmospherical additions to FGU.

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    Winter Theme Dice Numbers

    Greetings Smiteworks!
    Happy New Year! I hope everyone has a prosperous and joy filled new year!

    I love the themes! I really love the winter theme!

    I have a small request if possible. The numbers on the dice rolled show up very dark and I am not able to easily read them. Is there a way for me to change the color from dark to white like some other themes?

    I have attached a small photo to show what I mean.


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    Thanks for pointing this out, Larsenex. This issue has already been identified and should be resolved in the next update.

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    I know the bulk of users are D&D players but are we ever going to get some CoC art packs? Street furniture, interior house items for different ages. I'd love stuff like this for Delta Green and Tales From The Loop usage as well ad CoC.

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    Yes! We have many art packages set for production this year, including deviations from fantasy genres into more modern and futuristic areas.

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    I'll put in a request for Western, too, since Deadlands: The Weird West should be hitting the store soon

    Cheers, Hywel

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    I am in the process of creating an art pack/theme request thread here on the forums that everyone may use to submit ideas and a sort of 'wish list' of upcoming products. Once completed, I will post a link here. I want to make sure that the art packages I produce are what you all want to see and use.

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    I will second a push for 1920's - 1930's packs and a new theme for Call of Cthulhu -- Due to covid I'm transitioning to FG for gaming - and need more options!


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