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    Sorry, unable to find my original extension. Might be on my NAS but that is currently down. You will want to look at campaign/record_weapon.xml and then copy and modify the weapon window class
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    I will look into it! Thanks for your time!

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    How about adding an effect ("Heat Build-up" with a timer) that you just drop on the PC/NPC with the Power/Item? Then when the timer hits 0 rounds, you adjudicate that the Power/Item ceases. You'd just have to track the timer so that it reflects the usage properly (in case it's not just time but actual usage for example - you might have rounds where the Power/Item isn't used so doesn't build up heat) and occasionally round-by-round modify the duration based on the actual formula you use.

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    That is a good idea, but doesn't cover the way the device is intended. Now that the cat is out of the bag, I can describe what it is I would like to do and what I have done to make it work for now. I recently converted Savage Ghostbusters for use in Fantasy Grounds under the SWADE ruleset. In the PDF, the Proton Pack builds-up heat as you use it. When you 'fire' the weapon at a ghost it builds up one Heat Unit. If you have a ghost snared by the proton stream it builds up one Heat Unit. You can use a full action to Vent the pack and you will cool off all Heat Units. Some attacks might have a Heat Unit build-up x3 meaning the one attack raises your Heat Level by 3. The maximum Heat Level of an unmodified Proton Pack is 10. Works great on paper at the table and you can even print a PDF that has a nice heat tracking counter that you just put some trinket on it to mark your heat level, you could use a coin, a glass bead, whatever. I can't find a way to have a weapon start at 0 and gain ammo in Fantasy Grounds.

    What I have done, from a suggestion of the author/creator of the PDFs, is instead of Heat Units that build-up using the weapon, it has Coolant Units that are 'spent' when you use the weapon. You fire the proton pack and it uses one Coolant Unit. You have a ghost snared in the proton stream and it uses one Coolant Unit (GM or player must manually lower available shots by one for this to be tracked), etc. Mechanically it's using 'shots' and just telling the players in the game that it is Coolant Units. It's just flavor. The field you edit on the weapon still says 'Shots'. It allows most of the work to be done by Fantasy Grounds with a little upkeep by the GM and/or player. It will work for now.

    It would be nice to have it work as intended in the module though.

    BTW if you check the Savage Worlds forums you may have noticed the post with the available files free for download.
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    Oh, that's a simple enough solution too... I like it...

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