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    Quote Originally Posted by MadBeardMan View Post
    Bleedin hell! I thought I had it bad here. You rest up and don't worry about us here, have a calm and quiet Xmas and return in the New Year!

    Take care,
    My recovery is going pretty well, so I'm mostly almost back to normal. It was super unexpected and only detected because I was doing cardio clearance for a different surgery that still needs to happen. But for now, I'm mostly back.

    I'm happy to report

    Aliens of Chartered Space 2 and Traveller Companion have been added to the original post.

    Happy Travelling.

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    Drinaxian Companion

    Took a bit to locate because lots of Traveller stuff is on sale at the moment!

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    Solomani Worlds: Kurland Cluster

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    Since the Fantasy Grounds Store now provides a link from the product page directly to the product on the steam store, I've decided to use the second message for Forge entries.

    If you haven't checked them out yet, there are some great 2D versions of classic adventure class starships.

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    The The Pirates of Drinax seems out of line with the PDF price. Does it ever go on sale.


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    Quote Originally Posted by jharp View Post
    The The Pirates of Drinax seems out of line with the PDF price. Does it ever go on sale.

    Hi. Yes it does go on sale, it was on sale around the holidays so no telling when it will come around next.

    I'm not an official rep for anyone, I just do this because I enjoy the game and like to help out.

    That being said, SmiteWorks has said that Mongoose Publishing sets the price of their FG products, and that Mongoose is using the physical book price and not the PDF price, so prices here seem high. SmiteWorks has said that the pricing is best addressed to Mongoose.

    Still, the quality of work that MadBeardMan and his Mad Associates put out is very high, so I at least have stopped worry about it and learned to eat less to pay for my Traveller fixes.

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    I remember having Traveller with the old K'Kree book. I think this was the 1981 incarnation.


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    The last time (and I believe the first time, since it's relatively new) Pirates of Drinax was on sale was during the Black Friday sale 11/26/21 or so (25% off).

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    Frabjous Day...

    Journal of the Travellers' Aid Society, Volume 3

    Is released, and now new entries will be hyperlinked.

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    I added the new bundle links to the original post.

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