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    Mad Nomad's Enhanced Encounter Window

    This extension reimagines the encounter window, adding lots of new functionality to streamline gameplay and help DMs organize encounter content. Check out the video to see it in action and hear an explanation.

    Updated to Forge

    ScreenHunter_142 Sep. 22 22.05.jpg
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    Hi Nomad, How do you remove or replace an image. I could not make that work.
    I worry about an image giving away a werebat as a bat or a mimic if the images share automatically.

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    You can just not use the auto-share button if you prefer not to share the NPC image. Everything else should work as normal.

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    If I make a mistake, should I be able to replace or erase attachments?

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    Is this extension still supported anywhere? I love this extension and I noticed errors with the latest FGU updates:


    Is anyone able to help out?

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