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    LFP 5E Out of the Abyss

    I'm looking to start a group 5e game on Friday's from 12:00-4:30pm Central Standard Time. I have an ultimate license of Fantasy Grounds Unity with all contents, so it will be at 0 cost to anyone who wants to join. I will be running Out of the Abyss campaign module. I tend to heavily modify things, so it should be unique. Its my day off and I love DMing and am looking for players. I have put feelers out to some of my regulars of my other campaign, but I would like to fill the group out to five people. Anyone interested?

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    Color me interested. My discord is reeman7#1963. I look forward to the campaign.

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    I'm also interested in joining, if there's room for another?

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    I would also very much like to play. I'm a newbie to 5E and Fantasy Grounds if that is alright. I do have some experience with 3.5, but it's been years since I played. What level would this campaign start us off as?

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    Hi all, at this point the campaign is full. Thanks for the interest!

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