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    The effect is “Cutting Words”. With the “s”. As in plural.
    Mucho's Gracias for finding that !!!

    It's working now !!!
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    Bardic Inspiration works on Attack rolls, Ability Checks (Skills, Initiative, etc) and Saves unless You are a valor bard where it can be used for damage and as a reaction for AC. Other Bard classes have their own.

    The effect for Bardic Inspiration is simple but the fact it can be a choice to roll after a roll have been made make it so FG need an extension to apply this.
    If you take away the option to choose to use it after a roll FG handles this easy with: Bardic Inspiration; ATK: 1d6; SAVE: 1d6; CHECK: 1d6; SKILL: 1d6 (Target:X, On use: Next Roll)
    But thats not as intended as you probably want to use it after you see your roll of a save or Check etc. Since Bardic Inspiration works on your Initiatives and Counter spell checks you can jsut make an ingame effect for this as per above. But an extension is required if you want to add the roll after. I do. The Bard have an effect created he marks players with and we simply manually add or detract the rolls. The only time this is an issue is if its used as a saving throw vs half damage on a spell targeting 10+ as it simply is a nuisance. But thats quickly done by removing the player from targets, having him roll a seperate save including BI, and in the Chat you can just half the damage of a spell with a click of a button, drag and drop onto a character if they succeeded and voila.

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    I’m sorry I don’t understand the intent of your post. Are you advocating for not using my extension? Using a set of Effects instead? Then by all means, don’t use it. I’m not trying to force it on anyone. I find it helpful. I thought I’d share it with those who might want to use it. If you don’t, don’t use it. No biggie.

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