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    Not sure this is possible (or should I say how hard it would be to implement) but here it is:

    I'd like to see the following behaviour on NPC death:

    - reuse the NPC token as map parcel token
    - remove the NPC from the combat tracker (hence removing the NPC token from the map)

    That way it would feel more 'natural': the NPC looks like it's still there, its 'body' contains the parcel (that might or might not be empty).

    Why the change:

    - less clutter on the map
    - feels more natural, right now when I set NOT to drop any empty parcel my players easily understand which monster to loot or not. If I want them to be 'surprised' then I have parcels all over the map for large fights and it's a great experience to see all those 'loot' bags on the map (even less when they're empty). If I turn on Don't drop on empty parcel then it's less clutter but also removes some of the decision making process from players (and hence less roleplay immersion I feel).

    BTW if you can make it work/reuse some polymorphism function I don't mind it to be a dependency to have that functionality working (if that can help at all, not sure about it), it would also create in incentive for DMs to purchase your poly extension

    Another thing I'd love to see is the ability to set other skills/stats checks in order to unlock the parcel.
    Let me explain: party kills a beast, I'd like to be able to set a nature/survival DC to skin the beast or an Investigation or Arcana DC so that I can determine whether they find something on a body. A drop down box to list the skill would be great to have when creating the parcel!

    Thanks for all your great extensions!
    The only rule in getting me to change my extensions is to convince me I want to use the changes. I'm afraid I for sure do not want these changes in my games. Here is why:

    1) I use Death Indicator Extension (free) to have PC/NPC tokens change to tombstone(s) (or whatever I have loaded in assets for that) when all death saving throws have failed - dead dead. As my players often make mistakes and I have to "bring something back to life" I don't want to expend any effort on it. With this I simply reset the HP and the token automatically resets back to regular token. I have no desire to ever not notice DEAD things in CT or Map by a simple glance. Leaving their tokens as they were is a non starter for me. Plus they regularly have me unclutter CT and Map by deleting the tombstones (NPC) when we are sure they are really dead.
    2) Map Parcel drops any token - a pillar of salt - rubble - stone statue - whatever image you used into bottom right of the dead dead PC/NPC. I use a bag image myself. If you want to define specific loot parcel template for each CT entry or a given type - more power to you. But I'm not going to lose my ability in recovering something easily when they are dead by mistake. Which currently involves simply setting the HP back to what they should be and dragging the parcel sheet link into the PC/NPC inventory to put everything back which auto deletes the parcel (because I define loot parcels that way as I suggested you all do).
    3) If I wish to have something else to unlock the parcel I simply tell them to roll that skill. Either way you have to unlock the parcel yourself when you feel they have opened it. I'm only providing the generic stuff to do this that I personally use on a regular basis.

    That in a nutshell is why I don't want to do this. I have to really want something to expend the energy to code it. Sorry.
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