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    Map Parcel Extension [Fantasy Grounds Unity]

    The sales for this product in DMsG may soon be deactivated per this post - will let you know when that happens and when it finds a new home.

    Map Parcel Extension (Fantasy Grounds Unity)

    This stand-alone extension for Fantasy Grounds allows you to create inventories for maps & non-player characters quickly and easily! No additional modules are required —simply add this extension to Fantasy Grounds, and you are set!

    This extension unlocks the following functions:

    • Give maps unique parcels that can contain any item.
    • Set lockpick or break DCs on map parcels, so you players can interact with them. Treasure chests displayed on the map with actual loot inside are now a reality.
    • Give your Non-Player Characters manageable inventories! Set up a mule to carry the party's mundane equipment as they travel, or give that cool BBEG a powerful artifact that is dropped upon death!
    • Any weapons given to NPCs show up in their actions tab, fully coded!
    • All map parcels & NPC inventories can be added to the party sheet with a simple click & drag.

    Additional perks included in this extension:

    • Add (and customize) coin weight for your players.
    • If you own our Polymorphism extension, your PLAYERS gain access to the NPC inventories as well! Give them a NPC sidekick with a customizable inventory to follow them on their adventures!
    • Dead NPC/PC in CT now can optionally drop map parcel loot dumps of their inventory automatically.


    [See .txt file for early updates]

    V1.5 - Fix to dropping items into NPC from combat tracker. Only the addNPC logic when first dropping an NPC into combat tracker will create a value used for CT showing the attack strings. This logic had to be duplicate if you dropped an item in an NPC that was already in CT.

    V1.6 - changed how inventory tab is added into NPC sheet. Will have no visible effect to users but may have some compatibility issue with another extension - basically testing to see if this fixes that incompatibility.

    V1.7 - map parcel tokens were visible to the player but also visible through LOS (two flavors of visibility for a token). Fixed to get visible by player and not through LOS as default.

    V1.8 - When host the read only flag and locked parcel button were not being properly respected. You should be able to add/move nothing when readonly and locked parcel. If either are set in host then it should be able to add/move stuff - but only remove items when not readonly.

    V1.9 - Added in weights and weight total to parcels. Also fixed where public parcel can now have things added in by player.

    V1.10 - FGU update required extension code to change.

    V1.11 - Was not calling super.onInit() for my override which could cause issues in some things.

    V1.12 - Bugs in items where when doing a full transfer from NPC/PC sheet inventory by dragging sheet link or CT link into a parcel it would not copy all the items (only first one). Doing a transfer from parcel to NPC/PC sheet the coins would not be done properly nor would they be removed after the transfer. All fixed.

    V1.13 - Fixed PC inventory transfers between parcels. Fixed map token for parcel to be deleted when parcel itself is deleted. Added new on/off button on parcel sheet to signal if the parcel is to be automatically deleted when link is moved into a PC/NPC inventory. Added ability to drop map parcel full of dead CT entry's inventory (transferred completely out of PC/NPC into loot parcel) and placed in map on the bottom right of their icon coords. In order for this to come into effect you must have the Map Parcel (GM) option provided set to ON (OFF is default) in options. You must have a loot parcel template parcel defined, which is just a normal parcel with a hardcoded name. When a CT PC/NPC in the map gets a status of Dead updated, it will search for the following parcel names (case sensitive exact) in your DB in this order of priority - "[MP] LOOT <CT name>" or "[MP] LOOT <CT type>" or "[MP] LOOT". It will then be copied completely (whatever it has defined will be in the new loot parcel), renamed to "[LOOT] <CT name>", placed in the map on the bottom right of your CT entry's token, and have all of the PC/NPC's inventory transferred into the new loot parcel. Now I only plan to have one template "[MP] LOOT" in a group named "Map Parcel Loot" so that whatever copies are made go in that group. I will always make my Loot template parcels with the Unlock Parcel button active and the new delete on transfer button active. You must have a token defined in your template also for use in the map. I don't plan to put anything in the template's inventory but I could and it would be copied in addition to the PC/NPC's inventory. Setting the template this way will make it appear when something dies a loot token (I put a bag) suddenly appears to players in bottom right of dead token and they can immediately double click and start swiping stuff - it will delete when it gets a full transfer done (even if nothing is in it).

    V1.14 - Player could drag locked parcel by link into things - Fixed. Made it that if parcel is on the map or set to delete on empty then drag/drop of link would transfer contents not copy. Made sure item that moved from party sheet to parcel or visa versa was removed (transferred not copied).

    V1.15 - Fixed FGU bug in my copy of their code so that parcels now do single count transfers like charsheets and partysheets. Not dependent on RAW FGU fixing this one. Fixed.

    V1.16 - Based on V1.15 fix of FGU bug it still had some issues. Basically if the item (from partysheet, parcel sheet, or another charsheet) being transferred into the charsheet does not exist and it has a count > 1 then it ignores any request to do a transfer all (sheet link or item SHIFT drag drop to charsheet). Only when the item already exist will it allow it to transfer all. This has the effect that you will probably have to transfer things twice to get them all. Best I can do. Upside no data will accidentally be putting out bogus data on client sides or have data lost from the FGU bug. If they fix the bug I will revisit this.

    V1.17 - Bug for creating a loot parcel when template did not have a valid token - Fixed. Bug when not using Death Indicators Extension the PC would drop loot when not really dead (in dying state) - Fixed.

    V1.18 - Bug for wiping out previous session's token visibility setting for the map parcel - Fixed.

    [One thing missing from video is the example where I make a new Thieves' Tools Skill and place it as a skill for the character or a text skill in an NPC. That will be used if present for pick lock button. Matching in inventory and skill for Thieves' Tools is by it having the word thieves and tools in it (any case). Also, the coin weight in 5E demo video should be 0.02 not 0.2 - still, was just an example.]

    Grim Press overview video from DMsG.

    My long boring silent test video.

    Grim Press will be handling the sales and promotion of this extension.
    If you'd like to engage with us, please feel free to join the Grim Press discord:

    Extensions = RISK: This note is added to all the extensions I maintain. I want users to understand that extensions are code that is added to or overrides portions of code in the Fantasy Grounds Unity (FGU) application. When the underlying code in FGU changes it can break an extension. When you run with other extensions they can conflict by trying to overwrite the same parts of the FGU code. I will keep my extensions working with FGU changes, and the extensions I use (listed in my FGU signature) as I have direct control over those things. I cannot make the same promise with other extensions. If I am notified of an incompatibility I will attempt to resolve it - but if I cannot I will list what the known extension incompatibilities are. Understand before you get any extensions that it comes with RISK. Not just my extensions - any extension.

    Included is original text used for describing this extension - has a lot of details but really provided for reference if needed.
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    This looks pretty cool if your party has travelling NPCs with them !!!

    What Campaign are you playing right now, cause I heard you had travelling NPCs?
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    Quote Originally Posted by vaughnlannister View Post
    This looks pretty cool if your party has travelling NPCs with them !!!
    Due to ownership issues NPC inventories must be controlled and managed (though visible to player in a shared NPC) by the host. That's the way vanilla FGU works with shared NPC stuff. And why I went to so much trouble to overcome it in polymorphism - which this extension can run with - but does not have that level of complexity (or price).

    So if you use that with this you get the full player control of NPC inventories but that was a non trivial thing and tied to what I was doing in the polymorphism extension. I have it - and you have it - as we have that 5E extension - but its not part of this one as this was more pure CoreRPG stuff. And it was a lot of work to weave that logic into polymorphism as it was.

    Just be wary shared NPC's is pure FGU with this one - it was only fully implemented in polymorphism extension.

    If you have your own thing to make an NPC owned by a player (and play nice with underlying code) then you will be able to manage NPC inventories when shared to player. My other extension is only one that I know of that does that at the moment, but as I only use my own extensions - and pretty much write them for myself - that's fine by me.
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    Hey so are you saying these inventory items in map Parcel, are easier to navigate then for the players to use the Party sheet?
    Sorry just trying to get a grip on your new extension !

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    Quote Originally Posted by vaughnlannister View Post
    Hey so are you saying these inventory items in map Parcel, are easier to navigate then for the players to use the Party sheet?
    Sorry just trying to get a grip on your new extension !
    They are the same - more or less. For example - I treat NPC/CharSheet inventories as the same in the low level code so they can play in all the current inventory logic. The logic and drop intelligence I had to override was because I wanted parcel inventory to play exactly like the partysheet inventory (when placed in a map - not when not in a map) where you drop something into the parcel - it gets removed from your inventory - and when you drop something into your inventory it gets removed from the parcel. Just like in the partysheet - except its the player (or host) actually dragging stuff in and out of the parcel. Once the video gets done loading youtube HD processing you'll be able to see it in there - right now its still blurry due to HD processing of it.

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    Oh.. so players are actually not able to take things from the Party Sheet Inventory? I didn't know that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by vaughnlannister View Post
    Hey so are you saying these inventory items in map Parcel, are easier to navigate then for the players to use the Party sheet?
    Sorry just trying to get a grip on your new extension !
    Also if you get it - let me know if its all working properly. Just put it out there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by vaughnlannister View Post
    Oh.. so players are actually not able to take things from the Party Sheet Inventory? I didn't know that.
    Of course they can - they can't do that with a parcel without this extension. Its the parcel (on a map) that now works LIKE the partysheet inventory where a player can drag stuff out. I can't remember if a player can put something into a partysheet or not - but in the map parcel they can.

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    Ahh ok I get it now lol :P

    But what do you think are the main benefits? It looks cool organisational wise, and also the LockPick and StrengthCheck you can make look awesome to me.

    So If I share a normal parcel my players would not be able to drag stuff out of it even though I shared it with them, but with yours they would?

    So makes it like easy access for them they don't have to go to the party sheet, but can directly interact with the parcel?

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    I already read you file on DMSguild, but its hard to comprehend, I'm sure you vid would explain, but its 15 min. I'm just trying to understand your work and see all the benefits it gives to the DM and Player.

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