The solo module Alone against the dark has a timeline that affects options at each step. The first time I tried it I used paper and pencil to track it..badly. I gave up and revisited it later using the FGU calendar but again I lost track a bit and didn't get far. As a software developer and knowning that FGU has some scripting built in, I wondered if the time tracking (and maybe the selectable options) could be scripted. I soon found that the module is DRM protected (a zip password) so I haven't messed around to see what could be done.

So my question is whether or not that sort of scripting would be possible in FGU?

i.e. where an adventure's text can be clicked to change page (which it already does) and to update the calendar, followed by other adventure text pages varying depending on the calendar.

(if it isn't then I won't hassle FG by suggesting improving the module that way)