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    Quote Originally Posted by Mac77 View Post
    Merry Christmas all. I have a question about the dice rolling for COC7. I have two NPC's in the combat tracker and when combat starts, I double click the attack roll as normal. Some times it works fine,
    the d100% will come up as 81 or 47 etc as normal. Other times though, as shown in the screenshot, it will roll a 10 and a 10 which in D100% terms should be 11 but it seems to roll 2 D10 and add them together. Seems to happen at random.
    Both NPC's I created but have tested on original l COC7 monsters as well and the same thing happens. I am running version 4.1.12 standard with no extensions. Any ideas? Thanks.Attachment 50562
    Hi Mac77 and Merry Christmas to you too.

    The d100 implementation in FG can be a little confusing at first (there are many posts about it) but it works. In normal dice, the d10 dice go from 0-9 and are read tens die units die EXCEPT when you roll 00 when the rules are thrown out and we count it as 100 instead of 0.

    In FG the tens die goes from 00 to 90 and the units die goes from 1-10. The dice are added together to give a range from 00+1 to 90+10.

    It does look strange at first with a 50+10 being 60 instead of 50 but the probabilities are the same both ways, there is still a full range of 1-100.



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    To clarify - a while ago, when FG was first developed, it was common practice in some RPG circles to use the percentile approach outlined by @ianmward above. It just so happened that the original developers of FG were familiar with the additive approach. For most of us, we're more familiar with 00 and 10 (0) being 100 (reading the tens and numeral), not 10 (adding the results together). To give an idea, back in 2007 there was a vote on the FG forums and a quarter of users preferred the additive method - https://www.fantasygrounds.com/forum...die-convention

    This is just for background, to give an idea that there were (and maybe still are, I don't know) different conventions for percentage dice.
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    Many thanks Ian!

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    How do I delete all the skills and eras is that in the folders or in FGU?
    I may have deleted one or more, and need to probably force it to download the rulesets again so its fresh.

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    I am having a similar issue with duplicate skills and messing things up by deleting and messing with them over duplicates. All I have loaded are
    With only
    Call of Cthulhu 7e Pulp Cthulhu
    COC 7e PC Reference

    Loaded I am faced with some wierdness in the skills list

    There are some duplicates and one of each of the pairs of duplicates says Pulp Cthulhu next to it.

    Computer Use
    First Aid
    I think Mythos was also duplicated, but I think I deleted it.
    If these are related to era, why is there not an ability to change which era they belong to or is that not in the skills area? It would be cool to have multiple skills with different help files for different eras if that were ... documented.
    Is this intentional or is there some error in either how its written or how my computer has handeled the downloading of the file?

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