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    First time CoC GM run

    I just ran Dead Light as my first time with Fantasy Grounds. For the most part it went pretty well! Some thoughts on how to improve things:

    1) It was very odd to be using elf and dwarf tokens for the investigators. The CoC ruleset really should come with some generic CoC investigators.

    2) The D100 rolls were done in a confusing manner. Usually IRL the d100 and the d10 dice are used as the corresponding digits, with 00 equaling 100. instead, the two dice rolls were added together, such that 9 and 0 equaled 100 (90+10) rather than 90. My recommendation is to bring FGU in line with IRL conventions.

    3) Pinging is really necessary. I goggled where I can vote for this feature and did so.

    4) I was disappointed to find that the Dead Light module on FGU was the first edition one and so did not match up with the current second edition version available for Chaosium. This needs to be updated or at least clearly labelled as not being current.


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    1) Agreed.
    2) Agreed.
    3) Not sure what you mean.
    4) I agree, there are a number of things they should do to clarify information about their products. However in the case of CoC if it doesn't explicitly say 7E in the requirements it is likely the older version and the ruleset is applying on the fly conversion to 7E stats and such.

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    1) Players can make their own tokens by just finding an image, crop out everything they don't want (preferably in a square or circle if the software does that) and resize to 100x100. If they put it into their portrait directory then they can upload it directly into their character by clicking the portrait icon on the character sheet, which will also make it the token. Format should be .png or .jpg.

    I still agree a set of starter tokens would have been nice.

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    For "ping" quickly draw an arrow by holding down both mouse buttons and dragging on an image. To remove the arrow, briefly click both mouse buttons.

    Some pulp tokens available here: https://www.fg-con.com/free-downloads/

    And if you can't find a relevant token I'd recommend using one of the provided letter tokens rather than something that isn't in flavour.
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    Its funny, I've known about that forever, but I never really needed it, then when I actually started playing CoC and Pulp I forgot it existed. Thanks for the reminder, that's going to seriously speed things up.

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