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    Lightbulb 1st FG AL Monthly Gameday 9/26

    Hey Everyone! It’s happening – the first official Fantasy Grounds Adventurers League monthly event is Sept 26th!
    Right now, we are actively seeking DMs to support the event. For the first two weeks of this month (up until the 13th) we are doing DM Priority signups and DM Trainings AND we are giving away some thank-you incentives to DM volunteers and attendees of the trainings.

    Click Here for the Info & to Register for the Event Warhorn

    DM Priority Signups.
    If you volunteer to run 1 game for the event, your name will be added first on the list to play one game for the event before public signups open. This way, you are always guaranteed to get to play on the same day you DM. Say goodbye to being the forever DM. Find the list of planned games in this spreadsheet and email [email protected] with what you want to run and play.

    DM Trainings
    The listed dates below are several 2.5 hr trainings on how to DM in Fantasy grounds and specifically tailored for running AL. The trainings are being hosted by Violet (DnDAL Consultant @ FG) and Greg (Fantasy Grounds College Instructor). Please check the warhorn dates to sign up as “players.” Class size are limited, but there will be a waitlist based on order of signup. Every attendee for the DM Training will receive 1 DnD AL module of their choice purchased for them as a thank you.

    Wed Sept 9th 6-8:30pm PDT – w/ Violet
    Thurs Sept 10th 6-8:30pm PDT – Hosted at Fantasy Grounds College – w/ Violet
    Sun Sept 13th 4:30-7pm PDT – Hosted at Fantasy Grounds Pick Up Games – w/ Violet
    Sunday Sept 13th 11am – 1:30pm PDT – Hosted at Fantasy Grounds College* – w/ Greg Tue
    Sept 15th 3-5:30pm PDT – Hosted at Fantasy Grounds College* – w/ Greg

    DM Rewards and Incentives
    Beyond the standard fare you get from running an AL adventure, for the first three months of this event, every DM will be eligible for the following rewards.

    1) A $5 DMsguild Gift Certificate OR 3 Month Fantasy Grounds Unity Ultimate License for DMs who do not have one
    2) Entry into a giveaway drawing for a chance to win 1 Dungeons and Dragons Book from the Fantasy Grounds Store
    3) Forum Swag – A Unique forum banner that shows your contribution to the AL community. The more you run, the higher level banner you unlock. Event Info with Training Dates + Signups for 26th

    AL Gameplay Stream
    If you are new to Adventurers League and/or DM-ing AL in general and want to learn more, I'll be hosting a short ~3 hour Q&A and gameplay stream with some of my very good friends where we talk about our experience with Adventurers League as players, DMs, and organizers and then play an Adventurers League adventure. Catch us a www.twitch.tv/fantasygrounds on Sat Sept 12th 3pm PDT.
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    A few people have also asked, other places to check out for running and participating in AL games

    1) Fantasy Grounds Pick-Up Games
    Web Link: https://fgpug.com/
    Description: Fantasy Grounds Pick Up Games provides an easy, virtual meeting place for DMs and players to play pick up games using the Fantasy Grounds virtual tabletop software.

    2) There is also a Request Form you can fill out to submit a personal game to be hosted on the DnDAL FG Warhorn.

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    All DM slots are filled but I still need 3 Standby DMs! Please check the spreadsheet about acting as a standby (one of the perks is you will still get an early priority signup for playing and will only be asked to run in an emergency like if a DM falls ill.) You can choose what adventure (as long as it's AL-legal) to run if you are asked to tap in. Otherwise, you're welcome to sign up to play in that slot as well.

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    Hey Everyone! Just wanted to remind everyone know Fantasy Ground’s official monthly Adventurers League event is this Saturday. We have a good mix of T1 and T2 games and several seats still open for players.
    It is Free to play at this event and all you will need to play is a Free Demo License of Fantasy Grounds Unity or Classic (depending on which table you sign up for- so please be sure to check.)
    We will also have Character Creation rooms open and available for players to make their characters for at least 1-2 days prior to the event. Below is the schedule of games and helpful links.

    Games Schedule Here:

    Pictorial on How to Download & Setup Fantasy Ground for Free https://imgur.com/a/o8QaIJA
    Pictorial on How to Build a Character in Fantasy Grounds using the Character Builder Wizard for 5e - Easier and Recommended https://imgur.com/a/2oYogAl
    DnDBeyond to FG Converter (Make sure the character is set to "public" in dndbeyond): http://ai6k.com/dndbeyond/
    Fantasy Grounds D&D Adventurers League Consultant
    Organizer, DungeonMaster , and TTRPG Gamer

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    9/26 Gameday was a success!

    Just sharing some screenshots from the gameday event. Challenges were overcome, NPCs befriended, and crazy frost yetis slain!

    We had 17 tables of amazing games!

    Thanks to all the DMs and players who joined us and made the experience a fun success.

    Check out our warhorn page and join the discord so you can participate in our next event (Oct 24th!)

    Fantasy Grounds D&D Adventurers League Consultant
    Organizer, DungeonMaster , and TTRPG Gamer

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    Quote Originally Posted by Schaden View Post
    I am very impressed with your post. I hope to receive more great posts.
    Our next gameday is May 22nd if you'd like to join us I'll post an update soon with some of the screenshots from the past couple months.
    Fantasy Grounds D&D Adventurers League Consultant
    Organizer, DungeonMaster , and TTRPG Gamer

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