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    [Edit] :This issue is resolved in 4.0.2. Thanks for the quick turn around!

    Heya, we use both of the critical extensions in FGC, with the latest version from here, our barbarian can't land melee damage. We get
    [3/5/2021 10:06:26 PM] [ERROR] Handler error: [string "scripts/5E-Theogeek-Nat20.lua"]:300: attempt to index field '?' (a nil value)
    when we try to roll damage. Non-critical, she is raging, great weapon master, reckless attack.
    Turned off all her effects and it works.
    With Rage on it does not work.
    With Great weapon master on it does not work.

    Basically, can't roll damage when either Rage and/or great weapon master is on.
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    Fixed! It was the Nat20 extension. Version 4.0.2 can be downloaded from the NAT20 OP here: https://www.fantasygrounds.com/forum...k-s-Natural-20

    It had to do with the constant damage. I still need to fix the output in the case of there only being constant damage in effects, i.e. DMG: 2. It computes damage correctly, but doesn't print that in the chat window. For example, it should say "[EFFECTS: +2]" but it doesn't.

    Thanks for reporting this!
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    Over in the Nat20 thread, Zelannii had asked about making critical damage more akin to 2e where it just doubled the damage. I added it.

    Here is a beta version if you want to try it out...

    Note that the extension Options matter as you can enable double damage max damage and retain extra critical dice and get a CRAP ton of damage. If you just want double damage, you should set the options for double damage option, removing critical dice, and not maxxing anything.

    Also note that doubling the damage is simply that - the result of each included damage dice is doubled and that sum is added to the doubled modifier total. It outputs to the chat window oddly in that a 6 sided die might say "10" if a 5 was rolled, but the output will also indicate "[IMPROVED CRITICAL DOUBLED " so you know what's going on.

    This may become standard soon, so please let me know if you see any issues.

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