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    My error seems to be resolved. Thanks!

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    Awesome! Thanks for the input!

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    Uploaded version 6.1.5

    So, due to neglect and the fact that I never play PF2, the PFRPG2 part of this has been broken for some time. I fixed that (I think). It doesn't display "[NATURAL 20]", but it registers as a nat20 for damage purposes (i.e. if a "nat20" damage type effect exists, it will be included).

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    Uploaded 6.1.6 to fix the "[NATURAL 20]" not outputting in PFRPG2.

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    Hey there, love your extensions. I use several. However, yesterday I discovered a conflict between your Nat20 and pr6i6e6st's (Troy Monteith of the Rob2E team) Clock Adjuster extension.

    Nat20 prevents the duration field on the Combat Tracker from populating when effects that have durations that use hours (Mage Armor, Death Ward, etc.). When those effects are put into the tracker, the duration of the effect stays at 0.

    It took me some time to narrow the conflict down given that the two extensions don't seem (from outward appearances) to have anything to do with each other.

    At any rate, I made Troy aware of the conflict but I thought I'd make you aware of it as well.

    Thanks a bunch for the work you do.
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    Thanks for the report! I don't know why that would happen as my extension does nothing with any of that. I don't know how the clock adjuster function works either, but if it modifies effects in the combat tracker, that might be it. Nat20 has to do some search and replace work with effects to make sure the right ones get applied, so maybe these are stepping on each other that way...
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    Found it...now to fix it! Hopefully it'll be ready tomorrow (Sat, Feb 11). In the meantime, if you want to have a workaround, make sure that the Clock Adjuster extension loads after the Nat20 extension. It's a temporary workaround because I think there is a legit issue with the Nat20 extension where it is not overriding the EffectManager properly and it's causing the Clock Adjuster to not execute a function. Set the loadorder in the Clock Adjuster main XML file to something greater than 51. When I get my Nat20 extension fixed, you won't need that anymore so you can remove it.

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    Released 6.2 to the forge to fix this conflict! Enjoy.

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