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    Thanks for pointing out the inconsistency with the version number in the original that fixed (the post said 5.1, but download is 5.2)

    I'm super interested in what you find out...the only way I could reproduce this is by attacking one target (or no target) and dragging damage to a different target. But this behavior is consistent with a brand new campaign with no extensions loaded at all.

    Let me know what you find out and if it's not that, I'll certainly get on it ASAP.


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    Fixed a bug where an effect with constant damage (like "DMG: 2") would cause an error when non-critical damage was dragged to a target.

    Version 4.0.2 can be downloaded from the original post.

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    When using this extension, holding Shift to do autocrit damage doesn't work properly. The normal die is maximised but no extra crit die are added to it.

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    Are you using it with Improved critical? I ask because Nat20 doesn't maximize damage dice.

    I'll take a look for both cases


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    Oh right, yeah i am. But improved critical by itself works fine with Shift click. Just when i have nat20 active does it bug out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by StarDrifter View Post
    Oh right, yeah i am. But improved critical by itself works fine with Shift click. Just when i have nat20 active does it bug out.
    Uploaded version 4.1 to the first post. Fixed this bug and added a menu option to select the behavior of SHIFT-click or CRIT modified damage to be either "Natural 20" or "Normal Critical". I also commented out a function (for now) that changed the chat window [EFFECTS] output when the Special Critical Damage coloring was set to "Purple" as it didn't create the correct output when used with some other extensions. I'll work on fixing that.

    Thanks for the report!

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    You are super quick. thanks for the sweet extensions!

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    Anytime! Glad you are liking them.

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    Hate to do this, but found a stupid copy/paste error...uploaded 4.1.1.

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    OK...trying something interesting here...

    I added a Nat20 modifier to the Modifier window and it seems to work OK, but I rarely use those. I'm attaching a "beta" version 4.2a to this reply that:

    1) adds a Nat20 modifier to the Modifier window
    2) makes the "Nat20" and "Critical" modifiers mutually exclusive prioritizing Nat20 (i.e. if they are both selected, only the Nat20 one takes effect)
    3) added code to ensure that the booleans tracking Nat20s and NormalCrits can't be set at the same time

    This exercise will help with another extension I'm working on so if anyone wants to play around with it and give some feedback, that'd be great.

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