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    So what would it take for the next event to have a community run event and getting rid of the middle company? I would think we would need a schedule of events we wanted to support. Then have someone reach out and find how to submit events then post on here and find DM's and players.

    Does this make sense or would it make more sense to just run events through something like

    I like the idea of DMing at cons and I had fun at DMing at Gencon but I do not want to have to deal with companies that have weird or no rules and take days to get back to you. Then there is the other part of me that says this is too much trouble to have fun so I should just keeping running my games and let other do this.

    What is everyone else's thoughts?
    We already have a monthly event hosted by Fantasy Grounds - As Greg said, we just did 17 tables of games across the whole day on Saturday. Our next will be Oct 24th
    I posted about the last one in this AL forum and will do so again for the next.

    Check out our warhorn page and join our discord so you can come join next time
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