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    How to export encounter token changes?

    Not sure how to phrase this, tried searching a few different ways with no luck.
    I'm doing it in unity but I don't think that's relevant to the core question.

    I've dragged the pins from dungeon of the mad mage official mod maps to a new map
    (I'm using these, which I've resized for 4k resolution with a 3.5mb jpg file size)

    After the pins were dropped I went through each encounter and unchecked the token markers, dropping them into the correct positions on the new map.
    I will run at least two groups through this, and the LOS work in unity took a while which I'd rather not have to replicate. Especially if I actually get through all 20 levels. So I exported my work to a mod. When I open that mod in another campaign, the pins are there and everything works great. Unfortunately, when I click the down arrow button to put the enemies on the CT, they go back on the original maps.

    Do I have to create duplicate encounters and export those with the map?
    Is it maybe possible to export the changed token positions by editing an xml state?

    I have a dmsguild module for dragon heist that overlays a bunch of pins for locations on the original module maps, it comes with instructions for putting a custom module state file in place, or splicing the xml in place if you have one already. Maybe something like that could be done, where I can diff the clean module state and my changes, save that output and place it in the module state folder of each new campaign where I open the module?

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    Yes, only the things you copied in your 'development' campaign get exported. The changes to the originally objects do not get exported.

    You should be able to go into the campaign db.xml and copy the token positions out of there and into a module xml, but I'm not sure the exact steps. Would require you make duplicate backups and experimenting. But it should be possible. Those directions you mention should be a good start.

    Anyway, once you figure it all out, make sure you do it in a development campaign and then you can export it into a module and re-use it as often as desired.

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    If you edited the original module then any edits will be in the moduledb folder and not written to the db.xml file in the campaign folder. As LE says only things created in the campaign get exported so when you exported no encounters were exported since none were created in the campaign. So your only recourse is to copy the encounters and then place them on your new maps before you export. I think it would be way more work trying to figure out the xml than just doing that.
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