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    Move Rate miscalculation

    Just got my hand on the CoC7 ruleset and like most people. I began creating PCs.

    Is there an issue with the Move Rate calculation?

    I have my investigator, STR 50, SIZ 60 and DEX 70: move rate should be 8 but for some reason, it is marked as 7.

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    I believe the issue occurs if the SIZ is input before the DEX and STR. Updating the SIZ did not fix the issue.

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    Could it be due to the age?

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    Nor could I.

    The speed is modified by the age, though, so if the character were 40, his speed would be 7...

    Quote Originally Posted by damned View Post
    I cant replicate.
    If I input 60 only into SIZ it changes Move to 7 but as soon as I add to STR or DEX it recalcs to 8

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    Hi. I did some experimenting (with and without the XXXX extension just incase) in both instances I got the following.

    If you enter STR as 50 move changes it 8. If you enter DEX to 70 move changes to 9. If you enter SIZ to 60 move changes to 8.

    Delete character, start over...

    Enter SIZ to 60 move changes to 8. Enter STR to 50 move changes to 7. Enter DEX to 70 move changes back to 8.


    If I change my age to 40-49 it will reduce my movement to 7.

    Change age to 50 and it reduces to 6.

    Changing the age was the only situation I could find that would reduce movement to 7 with those stat combos.

    It seems to be working correctly with and without the XXXX extension.

    Sadly, I'm not yet familiar enough with the system itself to be certain those are the only things that can effect move rate.

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    I missed that bit in the rules - that explains everything! Thank you very much for the quick reply.

    It is yes due to age of 40-49!

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