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    V1.26 - Bugs - checking for effect duplicates was not taking into account that effects on CT have no units and translate duration into seconds (for minutes) and 0 for (hour and day). Caused mistaken failure of duplicate checks. Fixed. Also added in client message to try and insure that any owned token change is selected on client after change. Trying to prevent a black screen for player.

    Nobody noticed the bad address and bad CT checks for duplicate effects failing as it only happens in special situations. The black screen issue where every time I switched an owned NPC to a new map seems to be fixed in the one test I did with a remote user. Will have to see in my next COS game when we get back to it in a few weeks as it was 100% happening in the Ulrich Manor and Berez map I was switching between. Hopefully it resolves it.
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    V1.27 - Bug - Need to insure that when an effect is already present when transferring effects back from polymorph form to original form that any duration is updated (things can potentially count down while in other shape). Fixed.

    Likely only I will notice this in my testing.
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    V1.28 - Bug - Put in crazy workaround for the mysterious token targets being cleared during polymorphism operation or stop concentration operation. Also rewrote some deprecated code that will removed in the next FGU release.
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